4 Sehra Patterns for Grooms

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According to Indian wedding traditions, a groom-to-be is not supposed to see his bride before the wedding rituals start. It is a long standing tradition in the Western countries as well. The western brides cover their faces using a veil. In India, things differ in this aspect from region to region. For example, the Bengali bride holds a betel leaf in front of her face; Maharashtrian brides have a curtain between them and their groom ; and in the North, brides cover their faces with a dupatta or paloo. Similar to the brides, the groom is also expected to keep his face covered in order to protect him from the ‘evil eye’. This is why the sehra plays  an important role in the Indian groom’s trousseau. Today, we will consider  4 different sehra patterns for our grooms:

Sehra for Grooms


Floral Sehra

This is a very popular Sehra type. It has been  in use since  ages and is  the most preferred type. Since flowers are considered to be auspicious and an absolute must in Indian weddings, they find their way in the groom’s wardrobe through the sehra.

Pearl Sehra

Pearls are considered a sign of royalty. In ancient India, only the noble and royal families could afford pearl jewellery. This  can be seen through the many portraits of past kings and queens having pearl jewellery on them. The pearl sehra today has  found a way into the hearts of the grooms looking for a rich and royal look.

Sehra for Grooms


Diamante Sehra

This is the latest version in patterns of sehra. It is filled with strings of shiny stones which assure and ensure a grand entry for the groom. As they sparkle, they truly bring out  the glitz and bling of modern Indian weddings. If choosing the diamante sehra, the groom must be extremely careful so as to not overshadow his bride.

Sehra for Grooms


Combo Sehra

As the name suggests, this Sehra is a combination of two or more of the aforementioned patterns. This all encompassing Sehra gives you the option to choose between glitzy and subtle based on the outfit. For example, if you are wearing a light coloured outfit, a bright shiny sehra will look great and vice a versa.

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