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Significance of Saptapadi or Saat pheras

Hindu wedding is not a contract but a holy union of husband and wife who pledge to devote all that they have for each other and their family....

6 Colourful Pre Wedding Rituals Of Punjabis

Punjabi weddings are known for their exuberant and boisterous celebrations. Interestingly, the celebrations begin days in advance, and the pre wedding rituals are as classy and elaborate as...

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Top Pre-Wedding Customs In North Indian Weddings

India is a land of traditions and customs and that’s probably one reason why there’s a ceremony to herald all auspicious occasions. A North Indian wedding is a...

Hemang Pallavi real Indian wedding by Confetti Films

Real Weddings: A Sweet Club House Wedding in Mumbai By Confetti Films Inc

Check out wedding photos of happy couple Hemang and Pallavi captured by talented crew at Confetti Films photography, Mumbai

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How To Rock Karva Chauth Bollywood Style!

Some tips and ideas for Karva Chauth 2015!

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How to Select Gifts for a Bridal Shower

Wondering how to choose the right gifts for a bridal shower in India? Find out the easiest way to pick the right gifts for any Indian bridal shower...

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What You Should Know about Gift Giving Etiquette in India

Gifting is a way of social communication. So, it comes with certain rules and norms, known as 'gift giving etiquette'. As the wedding season is yet to arrive,...