How To Reject A Marriage Proposal Nicely

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Who would have the heart to say ‘no’ to a sweet marriage proposal, you may ask but the truth is that suitors do get rejected now and then for a number of reasons. While some may rant and rave about the rude manner in which they were rejected online, most guys prefer to just keep it to themselves( not that we blame them!). As the girl who is or was proposed to, how should you deal with the situation especially if you’re very clear that your heart and mind are saying a firm ‘NO’?



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The first step to rejecting a marriage proposal is to be clear about where your relationship is at this point and in which direction it is heading toward. If you and your partner are firm that marriage is not an immediate plan on the list, then you have nothing to worry about but if you sense that a proposal is in the air, then you need to be honest about what you want and feel.



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Which brings us to our second point and that is to be aware of any small, subtle or big signal that your partner may give you about a marriage proposal coming your way soon. The logic is quite simple- most guys fear rejection and drop hints about how nice it would be to have a lifelong partner, have children and so on before they pull out a ring. If you sense a change in the way your partner is behaving or even in the way he talks, it’s wise to bring up the topic and tell him you’re not ready yet. Yes, it’s likely to break his heart but it’s better not to keep it for later.



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If you are going to say no, then do so in a manner that is both respectful of your partner and the relationship as well as with due patience. Your partner deserves to know why you don’t feel he is right for you or why you aren’t ready yet. Share a cup of coffee, go for a meal alone or take a walk together but talking it out can help keep the friendship intact. Being honest about the way forward for both of you is important.

Irrespective of where and when the marriage proposal takes place, never let your partner blackmail or intimidate you into saying yes. Most importantly, remember that there is no specific right age to get married either!


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