10 Brilliant and Unexpected Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs

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Shared by the real brides from across the globe, here are top 10 unusual yet brilliant ways to cut your wedding costs-

1. Take time

Set aside at least 6-12 months to plan your wedding. It will give you ample time to book venues and caterers in advance. That means you can check multiple options and understand and compare prices.

2. Plan it well

Know what you need and what you don’t need at all in your wedding. Maybe, you have seen a beautiful chandelier or a life-size crystal Ganesha or some other ostentatious thing which you are dying to incorporate in your wedding. If the item is not that necessary, why waste money on it?

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3. Go for an off-season wedding

Because that’s the best way to avail all the discounts. So, if you do not worry much about the celestial powers then go ahead and plan a wedding in months which are usually deemed not suitable for weddings. Regarding booking vendors, the ball will be in your court, too!

4. Little or no real flowers

Yes, because while decorating the entire venue and everything with real imported exotic flowers and orchids can cost you around 50% of your wedding budget, using artificial flowers instead can save you some 5 to 6 lakhs.

5. Online invitations

Of course, you have ordered the most beautiful wedding invitations and you want everyone to see them. But, sending out wedding invitations by post or courier to each and every guest can be a costly affair. On the other hand, online invitations will cost you absolutely nothing. Moreover, using social media, chat apps etc to share wedding invitations is the trend now.

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6. Look for new vendors

Because they are eager as well to build a clientele and make a portfolio. You can search for the newest reliable vendors in your city here.

7. Bargain

Whether it’s the caterer or your makeup artist, you can always bargain to get the best price. So, brush up your bargaining skills and be the savvy shopper that you are!

8. Don’t DIY much

There’s no doubt that the idea of DIY your own wedding is indeed a fascinating one. But, doing everything on your own, collecting all the materials can shoot up your wedding budget ten times. So, try to limit your DIY projects to tasks which are less significant and won’t cost you a fortune. Drop DIY wedding invitations or DIY wedding decorations.

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9. Purchase during ‘Sales’

Keep an eye on the seasonal sales at local market or the brand stores. You can buy the same thing at 30%-50% discount and that means a lot when it’s about your wedding shopping.

10. Rent items

These days, couples are even renting designer wear and jewelry for weddings. And why not? Why spend a lakh or two on a dress which you will probably only wear once!

So, what’s going to be your unique strategy to cut short your wedding costs? Voice off below!

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