9 Essential Hands & Feet Care Tips for Monsoon

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Monsoon is the time for romance, tea with pakodas in a cozy corner with your to-be-better half while it pours cats and dogs outside. It is also time to soak in the nostalgia of sailing paper boats. The season is indeed beautiful as long as you don’t have to go outside in those waterlogged streets (though many couples might enjoy that too!). If you are having a monsoon wedding, it is vital that you take care of your hands and feet and keep them supple and healthy despite the high humidity. Here are some important tips to help you out…

Monsoon tips for Healthy Hands and Feet

1. Wear the right footwear

Always make sure that your monsoon footwear is not front-closed. Forget fashion for the time and wear shoes which allow better ventilation. Do try to replace your high-fashion leathers shoes with rubber or plastic floaters and sandals. This is the best way to avoid fungal infection. On your wedding day, pack an extra set of shoes which you can keep dry and wear those once you are inside the venue.

monsoon tips for feet

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2. Keep your feet dry

Damp, wet feet can be the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. Therefore, it’s important to keep your feet dry always. If your job entails spending most of the time outdoors, then your feet are prone to infections. The moment you get a chance, wipe your feet dry with a clean towel.

3. Clean and disinfect feet, daily

While keeping your feet dry is important to keep the annoying germs away, moisture in the air can play a spoilsport. To avoid that, use antibacterial powders. Try to avoid creams and mineral oil based products which create more dampness.

4. Avoid mani/pedicures during monsoon

You can go for a home based mani/pedicure if you wish. But do avoid going to a salon as the chances of getting an infection is higher. Also, soaking your feet and hands in water for a long time is not of much use in this high humidity. If you have no choice, go to a spa where tools are properly sterilized.

5. Use a mask or scrub from time to time

Believe it or not, your feet and hands need as much care as your face does. This monsoon, try a homemade foot and hand scrub to keep your feet and hands happy and well-nourished.

Homemade foot mask

Take sufficient amount of multani mitti to cover your feet. Add an equal amount of lavender oil and olive oil in it. Next, add a little bit of turmeric powder and a pinch of neem powder as neem and turmeric are known for their anti-bacterial properties. Now, add warm water to this mixture, make a fine paste and apply it on your feet. Make sure to clean and dry the feet before applying the mask. Wait for 30 minutes before cleaning off with warm water. Pat dry. Try this foot mask twice a week for soft and clean feet.

Homemade hand scrub

Mix coconut oil, sea salt and vitamin E oil together. Scrub your hands with the mixture for 5 minutes in circular motion. Clean with warm water and pat dry.

6. Clip your nails regularly

Say goodbye to long toenails for the monsoon as they act as magnets to bacteria, dirt and, eventually, infections. You can grow your fingernails a bit if you want to go in for wedding nail art. But make sure you clean them from time to time.

monsoon tips

7. Don’t overexpose your hands to water

Limit activities which require you to use water for a long time. If possible, use dish-washer or washing machine instead of doing chores manually to avoid wrinkly hands.

8. Lemon juice treatment for hands

Add lemon juice to a few drops of your regular hand wash in a bowl of warm water. Soak your hands in the mixture for 10-15 minutes every night before bed. Pat dry and apply moisturizer to get clean and soft hands.

9. Don’t forget to moisturize

There is a wrong notion about moisturizing during rainy season. Many women assume that because the weather is already moist enough, they don’t need a moisturizer.Your skin on hands and feet needs to be moisturized regularly, even more during winters.

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