10 Father Daughter Wedding Photos That Will Certainly Make You Cry

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Father- a daughter’s first love, the king of her kingdom and she- his beautiful princess . It is said that girls are always a little closer to their dads than they are to their moms. It is the father who spoils his little daughter with everything that her heart desires. This special bond makes the wedding day tougher than anything else for a dad. Here are some wonderful father daughter wedding photos which are sure to bring tears in your eyes –

1. Walking Down the Aisle

father daughter wedding photo

Walking his daughter down the aisle, a father’s biggest responsibility.

Photo Courtesy: Huffingtonpost

2. After The Ceremony



A loving hug shared between the bride and her father.

Photo Courtesy: InsideWeddings.com

3. Father’s love-it’s the same everywhere

father at daughter's wedding emotional photos

He wants to give the world to her. No matter what race or culture!

Photo via:Huffington post

4. Every Happiness for You

father daughter love

Nothing beats that special moment -a loving embrace before the ceremony.

Photo Courtesy: bollywoodshaadis.com

5. All the Love for You

father daughter Indian wedding pics

Photo Courtesy: CameraCrew

6. Kisses, Smiles, Hugs and Tears

father daughter wedding photo

You will always be my dearest pappa! Sealed with a kiss!

Photo via: Bollywoodshaadis.com

7. Hold Me Back

father daughter wedding photos

I don’t want to leave you daddy!

Photo Courtesy: pinimg.com

8. That Tender Hug

father daughter wedding photos

Daughter’s wedding day brings plethora of emotions in the father..

Photo Courtesy: puremart.in

9. A Painful Goodbye

father daughter wedding photo

It’s hard to say goodbye!

Photo Courtesy: anandphotography.co.uk

10. You’re Still My Little Princess

father daughter love

And will always be. With love from Dad.

Photo via: Yahoo.com

Featured Photo Courtesy: flickrhivemind.net

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