10 Hair-Styling Secrets Every Girl Should Know

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Some days just happen to be good hair days; even without much effort, the hair looks and feels great. But, such days are rare and most of the times, it is a story of great struggle where one needs to put in efforts to get that ‘awesome hair’ look. Today, we are letting you in on 10 hair-styling secrets using which you can make every day a great hair day!

10 Hair-styling Secrets Every Girl Should Know

1. Control frizz with toothbrush

Yes- you heard that right! Toothbrush! Controlling frizz is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for most. While hairspray comes as a saviour, balancing the right amount of the spray needs professional level of experience. With the use of a toothbrush you can easily tame otherwise obstinate frizz. Just spray a little amount of hairspray on an old toothbrush and run it over your pesky hair strands.

2. Wet hair braids give perfect curls

If you are not really a hair dryer or curler person then this hair-styling secret is just for you. To get a natural curl, wet your hair at night and braid it before going to bed. Choose a braiding style as per your hair type and style choice, and next morning, you’ll get those lovely curls.

3. Start curling with the middle of hair

If you want to flaunt long, beautiful curls then start using the curling iron from the middle part of your hair. This will give you long-lasting waves. People often make the mistake of starting from the end of the hair. So, try this hack to get wavy, voluminous hair with longer curls.

Hair-styling secrets

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4. Blow dry with cold air

It might sound strange, but cold is better than heat, when it comes to blow-drying the hair. Next time you use a drier, change your setting to cool and alternate between warm and cool air. That will set your hair right as you want it to be.

5. Pat dry your hair with a towel

Instead of vigorously rubbing your hair dry with a towel, pat the moisture out. Rubbing does not only cause hair fall, it also makes the hair frizzy. Just gently pat your hair dry to get a sleeker look.

6. Don’t curl the bottom half inch

If you want to curl your straight hair then try to leave the bottom half inch of your hair as it is. Don’t curl it. This gives a more natural-looking curls.

Hairstyle secrets

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7. Ponytails for quick curls

Need to attend a party but have no time to go to a salon or curl your hair at home?Just tie your hair up in a ponytail and divide it in three or four parts. Next, wrap each section around the curling iron. Once you are done, get the hair out of the ponytail and you will have gorgeous curls.

8. Apply hairspray with hands

Say ‘goodbye’ to stiff hair by applying hairspray with your hands: you will be amazed to see the results.

9. Fine hair tips

Flip your hair upside down while blow drying. This will give you instant volume.

10. Use the bobby pins upside down

Yes, that’s how bobby pins work the best.

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