10 Interesting Facts About Wedding Dresses We Bet You Didn’t Know!

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Still searching for the one? Not sure about how to go shopping for your wedding dresses? We hope these fun facts about wedding dresses will help inspire you!

Fact #1: Majority of the Indian brides shop for their wedding dresses at least 6 months to a year in advance.  It is also the first part of wedding planning once their date is fixed and venue is finalized.

Fact #2: Nearly 50% of modern Indian brides use Pinterest and other online wedding resources for igniting their inspiration when it comes to shopping for their wedding dresses.

Fact# 3: The trend of shopping for online wedding dresses is still new to India, yet many brides are now quite open to it. In the West, nearly 18% brides are known for shopping for their dresses and bridesmaids dresses online. A 2012 American wedding study has shown that nearly 32% brides shop at major designer outlets or national chains for the wedding dresses.

Fact# 4: In most grand Indian wedding ceremonies, 8 to 10% of the budget is allocated for the wedding dresses.

Fact#5: While red is the preferred colour of an Indian bride’s wedding attire in most cultures, many modern brides are choosing non traditional hues and shades in wedding dresses.

fun facts about wedding dresses

Fact#6: The average cost of wedding dresses/lehengas in India ranges from 5000 INR up to 1 Lakh INR plus.  Designer wedding lehengas by top names like Sabyasachi can even run up to 8 lakhs. Duplicate or copies of designer lehengas average at 75,000 INR.

Fact# 7:  Nearly 70% of Indian brides wear 3 different wedding dresses/saris or lehengas on their D-day with another change for the reception ceremony in the evening. 50% brides buy separate dresses for the mehendi and sangeet ceremony.

Fact#8: Nearly 31% of brides splurge on shoes and wedding accessories which are major expenses following the expense of their wedding dresses. 67% are known to spend heavily on cosmetic treatments like skin lightening procedures as well as hair and makeup.

Fact#9: Nearly 67% brides in India wish to have a themed or destination wedding but are not too keen on their bridesmaids wearing matching dresses.

Fact#10: While in Indian society, most brides do not preserve their wedding dresses for their kids and grandkids, according to the American wedding survey, nearly 44% of western brides do.

Sources: Facebook poll and American wedding survey

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