10 Signs You are Ready for Marriage

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You are single and the family is pressurizing you to select a suitable partner and settle down. OR, you are in a committed relationship and the family wants you to tie the knot. But you yourself are not sure whether you are prepared for marriage or not. Read the following 10 signs to find out if you are ready for marriage or not:

10 signs you are ready for marriage

1. You crave stability

You want the steady life. You have achieved all your financial goals and are now ready to invest emotionally in a relationship.

2. You’ve lived your single life
You feel the need for a companion. That friend with a loving husband makes you feel jealous. You feel something missing in life.

3. You have future plans
You visualise what life would be like. You have even thought of children and how you want to bring them up.

10 signs you are ready for marriage

4. Understanding relationships
You try and understand the complex relationship with in laws through your friends and family. This is a way you prepare for married life in a joint family.

5. Compromise
You resolve fights by finding the golden mean. You no more act rebellious and stubborn. You give way for your partners’ wishes. Marriage about making compromises and you are prepared for it.

10 signs you are ready for marriage

6. Disclosure
You and your partner disclose your history and are comfortable knowing it. This is a major step ahead in the relationship.

7. Be yourself
You are ready to be yourself and devote your time and energy towards the relationship wholeheartedly. You are not up for pretentions and it is the real deal.

8. You accept your partner
Acceptance is key here. There is nothing you want to change about your partner. You like him just the way he is.

10 signs you are ready for marriage

9. Your family and friends like him
You know that your family and friends are comfortable with him. They will welcome the news with much joy and pleasure.

10. You both have the same goals in life
You and your partner share the goals of your life. You both aim and strive for the same things.

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