10 Signs You Need to Switch Your Wedding Vendor

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Breaking up with your wedding vendor is never easy. You have already put a lot of energy, time and effort in making it work out just the way you have planned. But, there are certain circumstances which leave you with no choice but to look for another wedding vendor. Here are 10 such signs which tell you that it’s time to switch the vendor before it’s too late-

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1. No Clear Contract

Lack of a clear legitimate contract that does not have well-defined terms and clauses is a clear sign how he/she will manage your wedding. If your vendor shows no interest in making a contract, then waste no more time.

2. No Receipt

Consider it a red flag if your present wedding vendor refuses to provide any receipt against the money taken. How else are they going to make the final voucher? Where is the money going?

3. Insists on Cash Transactions

If a vendor asks for cash instead of cheque or draft, you have a valid reason to run away. Never agree on cash transactions with vendors or planners. If the vendor presses for it, start looking for another one ASAP.

4. Terrible Communication

Does your vendor appear indifferent or in-a-hurry whenever you call up to discuss wedding planning with them? How do they answer your call? Do they sound polite/ courteous? If the answers are no, start looking for better vendors. Remember, the market is already overcrowded and hundreds of vendors are eagerly waiting to serve you.

5. Slow with Responses

Do they take ages to call you back or revert to your emails-that too right after the advance payment is made? Do they no longer seem interested in making your dreams come true? Do you feel it has become a liability for you to get the job done from them? Then switch!

6. Not Eager to Show Up

Whenever you express your desire to meet your wedding vendor in person, he/she, eventually, finds an excuse and postpone the meeting. This is a clear sign that they do not want to meet you in person. This could be a telltale sign that something is not right.

7. Way Too Cheap/Fluctuating Rates

Their rate is either unbelievably low or they keep changing the rates every now and then. Worst is that- they are promising you the moon and sun at the lowest possible rate. Then you have a valid reason to worry about.

8. Review Clause in Contract

Is there a clause in the contract that restrains you from making any negative comment online about the company? If your answer is yes, then run to save your life from future lawsuits charged against you.

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9. All Talk, No Action

You chose them because of their portfolio. They ensured that they will create exactly what’s there in the portfolio. But, reality seems far from what’s been promised.

10. Forgets Your Preferences

Worst of all, if your wedding vendor cannot remember or doesn’t take note of  minute details-be it about food, decor, theme and other small issues-then, you are definitely wasting your time.

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