10 Surprise Wedding Costs and How to Avoid Them

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One of the most difficult parts of wedding planning is sticking to the pre-planned wedding budget. Things get tougher due to hidden costs which often do not spring up until the last minute. To help you avoiding these surprise wedding costs, we have checked in with major wedding vendors and planners across the country to make a list of the top 10 hidden expenditures every couple should be aware of while allocating money.

Pre-wedding Surprise Costs

pre-wedding costs

1. Bachelorette Party: It’s no more an indoor affair with your 10 closest pals. Now, it can be your version of Zindegi Na Milegi DobaraSolution? Plan everything in advance, from theme to location to budget, and create a different account for it.

2. Marriage Registration: While the total cost of your marriage registration process can cost you around Rs. 500, it’s the surprise celebration your friends will demand that can shoot up your budget. Sol: Schedule it on the same day as that of your wedding day and do not forget to factor in the registrar’s fees.

3. Invitation Cards: Sky is the limit. But, a wrong estimation of guests can lead you in big trouble suddenly. Sol: It’d be wiser to print 20 extra cards rather than ordering another 50 cards a week before the wedding day and paying a higher price per card for  a quick delivery.

4. Postage: Many couples ignore this significant part and do not include it in the calculation of their wedding budget. Sol: Calculate the number of inland, international as well as speed posts and their respective rates beforehand.

Wedding Day Surprise Costs

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5. Forgotten/Misplaced items: It can be Anything with a capital a. From your flower jewelry for the Mehendi to makeup kit or other necessary items for the rituals, these misplaced or forgotten items can cost you a fortune if not handled properly. You may even end up buying the same thing thrice. Sol: Divide and allot the tasks among your friends or cousins to avoid such mishaps. Give each of them some amount to make the arrangements if needed.

6. Unexpected Guests: It can be your aunt’s niece you used to be very close to in your childhood or somebody important that you forgot to invite. Research says the cost of such last minute accommodations, food etc. can go real high. Sol: It is not at all possible to book an extra guest house. All you can do is set aside a considerable amount to take care of such unexpected guests.

7. Presents for Both the Families: Apart from the already purchased gifts, clothes and jewelry? Sol: Calculate the total number of guests and may be gift them later after all the main wedding events are over.

8. Transportation for the Photographers, Coordinators & Co.: Because it’s basic courtesy to offer all such teams transportation and meals. Sol: Do the estimation beforehand. Read the contracts carefully.

Post-wedding Surprise Costs


9. Extended Time: One of the major surprise costs, if you do not leave the rented guest house or hotel after the predefined time period, you just might have to pay the rental amount  for an entire day. Sol: Either pack your bag and leave as soon as the wedding is over or else get the bookings done for the next day as well.

10. Other to-dos: For all the unknown or variable surprise wedding costs, keep some extra cash handy with you.

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