10 Tips To Get Adequate Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

So, you’re all set to say your wedding vows one month from now and you’ve made grand plans to hang out with your girls every night till then, because once the wedding is over, those long girlie chats may not happen all that often. But here’s the catch- long nights translate into puffy eyes, low energy, mood swings and a serious lack of enthusiasm. Here’s more bad news- when your body is deprived of a minimum of 7 hours of sleep which your brain desperately needs, you also end up feeling bloated, gaining weight and sending your hormones into a tizzy. In short, you will feel like anything but a bride.

We’re guessing you want to look as healthy as you can be on your wedding day and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help you ensure that you give your mind and body some much needed rest before the day when you need your energy the most:

  1. Routine and discipline is the first step you need to take for good health. Go to sleep at a specific time and wake up at a specific time. Sure, lounging on weekends is allowed, but don’t sleep in for more than an extra two hours.
  2. Eating at least 3 hours before you sleep is very important. Not only does it help digest your food better, but you won’t have any nasty bouts of bloating or constipation either. Plus you reduce the stress on your digestive system as well.
  3. A good diet that’s a balance of carbs, protein and fats is a must. Don’t try getting skinny just before your wedding day and avoid over indulging in sweetmeats and fried snacks also. Stick to pre-cut veggies and fruits anytime you feel your tummy grumbling.
  4. Used to drinking a cup of coffee before bedtime? You should know that coffee will interrupt your normal sleep patterns because of its high dose of caffeine and stimulants. Why not try a cup of warm milk with some haldi and honey or topped with a teaspoon of cocoa?
  5. We all have become so used to having our gadgets next to us that they almost seem to be like a natural extension of our bodies. Keep your phone as far away from you as you can, and avoid using your tablet for another gaming round before you hit the sack. Read a magazine or a few pages of a book if you absolutely must.
  6. Babies love to fall asleep to the sounds of soothing music and there’s no reason why you can’t either. Skip the rock and pop, and go with soft instrumental tunes instead. Music is a great way to lull yourself to sleep.
  7. Have a warm water bath infused with a few drops of lavender oil. You’ll feel your senses calming down in no time.
  8. Apply a no talking about the upcoming shaadi rule with your friends and relatives. Bedtime should be about getting rest and not getting worked up about minor details which can wait till tomorrow.
  9. No, you really shouldn’t be having that glass of wine or vodka if you’re serious about a good night’s rest. Alcohol plays with your internal system and will keep you awake for longer.
  10. Meditate with a smile on your lips. Think about your new beginnings ahead, about being surrounded with loved ones, about your husband to be and of the 100 other blessings you enjoy every day.

Image: Camera Crew