10 Types of Annoying Wedding Guests

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The big fat Indian wedding can never be complete without the almost-crazy baraatis who usually dance their hearts away, while the latest Honey Singh numbers are being  played at top volume. Don’t think that the list of annoying Indian wedding guests ends here. Rather it’s just the beginning as every Indian wedding comes with a huge number of maddening, annoying, irritating, interrupting and what-not types of guests who can challenge even the calmness of Dalai Lama!  If you have ever been to an Indian wedding, you must have encountered a few of these. If you are lucky to have not met one yet and if it is your wedding coming up then prepare yourself with our list of 10 types of annoying wedding guests –

1. The distant cousin-of-cousin: “Hiiiiii!!! Remember I bit you once when you were just 3 and me 2??” Okay! Is it REALLY necessary to recall that event or the person did that?

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2. The comparison maniac: Have to be a member of the extended family of either the bride or groom. The person is suffering from a rare type of insomnia which can only be cured by comparing almost everything at weddings.

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3. The Advice Giver: “Why is the groom not standing at the right side? All hell could break loose, you know?” It is not that they are ever asked for advice, but it’s just a part of their philanthropic agendas.

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4.  The Freeloaders: They are only here for the free drinks. And their only aim in life is to get drunk at parties.

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5. The Gold-diggers: “Who’s that guy? Your bro? Single?” These guests are least interested in your wedding and more interested in your guest list. The young and successful guys are their target demographic, precisely.

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6. The Social Perverts: The most disgusting and toughest to handle as they appear with a mask of decency. But, they will not leave any chance to make a pass at you.

annoying wedding guests

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7. Guests with a New Camera: They will stop you every next minute to take a snap/selfie/groupie! It’s just that they never find the shutter button fast.

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8. The Exaggerator: Their wedding budget was 50 crores and Beyoncé came flying to perform at the reception. It’s just that not a single person you know happened to be invited at that wedding.

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9. The Empty Stomach: Yes, because their only expression is –

Annoying wedding guests

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10. The Grossly Underdressed: They were actually meant to be grocery shopping, but, somehow due to some divine intervention, they happened to land at your wedding. It’s not their fault, you see!

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