10 Ways To Show Yourself Self-Care In Your Wedding Week

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It’s the week of the wedding and all eyes are on you and you’re feeling the intense pressure to look your very best at all times. But here’s the secret to really feeling awesome from within- you need to take time out for your own self-care because now is the time to show yourself some much needed love. So, how do you go about it and what are the tried and tested self-care tips you should get started on today? Here we go:

Work Out- Ok, so you lost all the weight you were meaning to but working out gives you a high (thanks to all those feel good hormones) which you wouldn’t get otherwise. So, if you’ve signed up for a gym membership, now is the time to keep at it and not to slack away.

Be Alone- Enjoy your own company in many ways. You could go watch a movie by yourself, do some shopping on your own or just read a book in bed. You don’t need to be surrounded by people 24/7.

Reduce Gadget Time- We bet you never thought that spending so much time on social media was harming your health right? Enough with sneaking up on other people’s profiles and checking out what’s the latest in bridal wear. Unwind by disconnecting.

Read- Been wanting to read the climax of that thriller but just never found the time? Well, now you have! Show your mind and soul some self-care by feeling the pages of a book between your fingers. Soak in the moment.

Spa Time- Ah, there’s honestly nothing better than enjoying a well-deserved massage and feel the tension being kneaded away from your joints and muscles. Soak in the luxury of pampering because it’s an important aspect of self-care.


Meditate– Yoga and meditation are two different streams and we are all thumbs-up for closing your mind to the world outside and just hearing your thoughts speak. You can meditate anytime you like and it’s a healthy practice for practicing after marriage too.

Sleep More– Isn’t napping round the clock a sign of laziness? Well, you need to catch up on your sleep and rest as much as you can before fatigue overcomes you completely. Play soft instrumental music as you zzzz.

Eat Well- The week before your wedding is simply NOT the time to go on a crash diet. It’s ok to indulge in limited portions. We recommend breaking your 3 meal times into 6 mini meal times.

Write a Journal- Your wedding comes just once in a lifetime and there’s nothing like the excitement of the special day that’s so near. If you write a journal today, you get to relive these moments again, in the future.

Talk to your Fiancé – Here’s an important tip to practice as part of your self-care regime. Talking to the soulmate you will be sharing your life with helps to strengthen your bond together. Share your dreams about your today and your hopes for tomorrow.

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