10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Morning

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So it’s your wedding the next month?  You are all charged up to play the role of the perfect bride. Dress checked, wedding arrangements checked, jewelries checked, photographer checked, everything is ready and organized. But what will your activities be on the morning of the D-Day? Will you lose out on that excitement while trying to account for everything else? How are you going to remember your wedding day when you take a trip down the memory lane 30-40 years hence? Remember, that day should be the best one of your life. And we are presenting 10 ways that will ensure this. Your last morning in your own home…..

1. Sleep early, wake up early: Yes, let us start from the previous night. No matter how much your heart wants to have a late night chat with your friends or relatives, promise yourself to go to bed before 11 pm. Then only you can wake up fresh and all geared up for the whole day.

2. Eat a proper breakfast: DO NOT miss breakfast under any circumstance. An ideal wedding morning breakfast should be high in protein and should have complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, grains etc. They will take time to break down and, thus, will keep you going throughout the day.

3. Put the phone on charge: You are really going to need your phone alive. So it is really important to have a full battery life.

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4. Prepare a to-do list: Yes, relax and sit with a pen-and-paper. Now, prioritize all the tasks you have to do and make a list of them. If possible, give a copy of it to one of your bridesmaids or whoever is going to be with you. So, even if you forget, she will give you reminder time to time.

5. Get an assistant: You cannot possibly handle all the tasks alone. Like when you will go for the makeup session, you need someone to pack all the dresses, jewelry, accessories etc in a bag for you. Your best friend or sibling will be more than pleased to be at your service.

6. Stay hydrated: Dehydration can cause a lot of health issues like nausea, headache etc. So, to stay fit, you need to stay hydrated. So keep on sipping water, fruit juice, lassi or anything liquid. Remember, once you sit for the rituals, you will not get much chance to drink water.

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7. Talk to your parents: It is obvious that everyone will be busy including your parents and you. Still, take some time out from your wedding morning to sit with your mom and dad. It’s a big day for them too, emotionally. So, spend some time with them alone.

8. Recheck your luggage: The luggage you are going to take with you tonight is packed already. So is your honeymoon luggage. Still, if you get enough time, recheck the luggage.

9. Take a power nap: Most importantly, in between all these, retire to your room and take a power nap. You will feel fresh, look fresh.

10. Take selfies: And, finally, it is time to take some pre-wedding selfies, groupies and all.

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