10 Wedding Things We Are Totally Loving Right Now

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Looking for fun and fresh inspiration for your Big Day? New wedding trends keep popping up every now and then- from bridal attire to reception décor to the wedding menu- things keep a changing. There are literally hundreds of ways to get creative and add a special touch to your wedding. Here are 10 wedding things we’re totally loving right now!

  1. Festooned Ceilings

wedding trends 2016

Image: Camera Crew

2. Colourful Bangles

wedding things we love

Image: Ankur Dandekar Photography

3. Non-traditional wedding colours

nontraditional wedding dress colors candid kliks

Image: Candid Kliks

4. Invitations Matching The Bridal Outfit

invitations matching bridal lehenga

Image: Kards

5. Dazzling Kaliren


Image: AnshuVini Photography

6. Bold eyes bright lips

kanvas 9 bold eyes red lips

Image: Kanvas  Photography 9

7. Blingy Shoes

wedding trends 2016

Image: Impress Digital Studio

8. Coordinated Bridesmaids

2016 wedding trends

Image: Memory Crafters

9.  Unique Decor

2016 wedding things we love

Image: Sadanand Photography

10. Awe-inspiring Entertainment

stunning wedding things we love

Image: Confetti Films Inc

Main Image: Abhay Sawant Photography

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