12 Easy Beauty Hacks For Brides

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Which beauty hacks can you trust? We’ve all been there. Just as you are painstakingly getting dressed for a party, you burn your scalp with the curling iron and the scalding pain is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Or, you discover a nagging zit on your face just as you are putting on your foundation. That’s why we have put together a list of quick easy to try beauty hacks for you, so that you are prepared to show off your inner goddess no matter where or when the occasion:

Tip 1

If you accidentally burn yourself when using a curling iron or a hair straightener, the first thing you need to reach out for is some ice. Apply it to the affected area and then add a dab of honey to the spot for quick healing.

Tip 2

Here’s a favourite on our beauty hacks list- if you have a zit, then add a dab of toothpaste on it overnight. Or, make a small paste of cornflower powder and water and apply to your skin. If you have some tea tree oil, that will work too.

Tip 3

It’s summer and you need to keep your skin hydrated. Fed up of drinking water? Then gorge on cool slices of watermelon and fresh coconut water through the day. Coconut water has so many nutrients to keep you healthy from inside out.

Tip 4

Run out of your favourite apricot scrub brand? Just get a handful of raw oats, grind them to a fine powder and apply to your skin for a wholesome exfoliating treatment. You could also add a dash of honey and cinnamon to get rid of acne and for softer skin.

Tip 5

One of our favourites on our list of beauty hacks is this- don’t just gulp down your Vitamin E every day. If you really want to see improvement in your skin tone, break a capsule and apply it directly to your skin. It’s one of Katrina Kaif’s beauty secrets too!

Tip 6

Don’t have time for a luxury hair wash? Just keep a pack of dry shampoo ready, so that you can have good looking and most importantly clean hair that isn’t sticky within minutes. Apply it overnight for best results.

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Tip 7

That aloe vera plant growing in your garden holds the secret to removing blemishes effortlessly. Apply some of the sticky gel on your face before sleeping. In fact, nobody would be able to guess that you had any aloe vera on your skin, even if you wore it in the morning thanks to its clear consistency.

Tip 8

Don’t throw your used bags of green tea. Place them on your eyes for 5 minutes to get rid of any puffiness.

Tip 9

Kareen Kapoor had a point when she said that white eyeliner was a must have in your beauty kit. We’ve found that just lining the rim of your eye in this shade will make your eyes look naturally bigger.

Tip 10

A good way to smooth away any fly away hair strands which can be irritating is to simply add a little hairspray to a small toothbrush. Gently smooth your strands with the toothbrush and you won’t look like you’ve used a lot of hairspray at all.

Tip 11

To make your perfume last longer on your wedding day, add a dab of Vaseline to your pressure points like just behind the ears and on the wrists. This will make your perfume last way longer.

Tip 12

A top beauty hack is this- on your wedding day, brush your teeth with a dash of baking powder. Now you’re ready to dazzle with your smile!

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