13 Feet Hacks To Help You Survive Your Big Day (For Brides And Grooms)

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So, you have bought those dream Louboutin for your big day and you just can’t wait to walk down the aisle in them. Now, you also want that pair to look every bit of drool-worthy. You may be a bit apprehensive about wearing the shoes for trials. At the same time, you do not want to get blisters and shoe bites right on the big day. A trial in the dream shoes is also important so you do not slip or trip over.

What’s the solution to this dilemma?

Here are 20 important feet hacks to help you survive your big day without too much trouble. All you need to do is read these tips and start taking necessary preparations so your feet survive the wedding day.

Feet Hacks for Brides

1.Tape Your Fingers

No matter how well the heels will accentuate your figure and posture, Wearing them throughout the day can be a real pain to your feet; the heel area, to be precise. Here’s a hack to help your heels: Use medical tape and wrap it around the third and fourth fingers of each leg. This will relieve stress in no time letting you have that dream dance with your partner comfortably.

2. Use Gel Deodorant

If you have a gel deodorant then this is the best time to use it. You will be surprised to know that it can cure blisters faster than you imagine! Just before putting your feet in the shoes, use a little deodorant on the back of the shoe to  reduce friction to a great extent.wedding shoes

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3. DIY Innersoles

If you think the shiny slippery innersoles of your new wedding shoes are too uncomfortable then here’s your solution: make a DIY innersole from a piece of thick fabric which is not silky and use it on your big day.

4. Cut the Heels

This is for those brides who are never much comfortable wearing heels, yet, cannot resist the temptation of wearing high heels on their weddings. By cutting your heels by one or two inches you can get the best of both worlds. Just make sure you let a professional do the necessary changes to your wedding heels.

5. Use Heel Grips

And your feet won’t slip from the shoes. Now, walk like the confident girl that you are!

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7. Gel Arch Support

These adjustable gel arch supports are great when it comes to endure wearing high heels for a long period of time. Just insert the supports on your shoes and you will be good to go!

8. Moleskin for Tight Straps

If the shoe straps are too tight, simply use moleskin to cover the back of the straps instead of covering parts of your feet. Looks better, feels better.

Feet Hacks for Grooms

9. Sandpaper the sole

The biggest problem with the brand new shoes are that the soles are too polished and your chance of falling down is too high. Here’s an useful hack. Just sandpaper the sole and you will get a good grip instantly.

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10. Stop Squeaking with Baby Powder

That annoying noise usually arises when two parts of the shoe rub against each other. To prevent that, simply sprinkle some baby powder under the insole. A graceful, noiseless walk is reassured.

General Feet Hacks for All

11. Evening Shoe Shopping

Once you know what to buy and from where to buy, schedule an evening shopping for your wedding shoes. Our feet are their fullest and biggest at evening. So, you finding the pair that rightly fit your shoes won’t be a headache.

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12. Waterproof Your Shoes

If you are planning a wedding outdoor or a destination wedding where it can rain anytime, it’d be wise to waterproof your favourite pair of shoes. To waterproof your shoes, you can either use protector sprays which can be bought online or be found at market or use some beeswax to coat the shoes.

13. Tea for Blistered Feet

If you have already given your wedding shoes a trial and ended up getting blisters then here’s a quick hack: Soak your feet in green tea. The anti-inflammatory particles will soothe the blisters and you will be back with your happy feet before the wedding.

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