15 Must have Accessories This Wedding Season For Brides & Guests

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Complete your bridal look and wow the crowd with these stunning Indian wedding accessories. Do not waste time and money shopping for the unnecessary ones. Buy the trendiest and must have accessories for 2015 wedding season.

  1. Jhumka

You can take a cue from all the Bollywood stars. Big ornate jhumkas instantly make you look ready for the wedding festivities. There is a wide variety of artificial earrings available in the market starting from  INR 200.00. You can also opt for silver earrings having gold polish. Now that would be a wise investment!

must have wedding accessories 2015 Jhumkas

  1. Anarkali Dress

An embroidered anarkali suit with is a must have as it can sail you through almost any wedding function including the smaller pre and post wedding ceremonies.

15 Must have Accessories this Wedding Season

Dhanika Choksi Photography

  1. Chunky Bracelets

The days of wearing handful of bangles are passé. Make way for chunky bracelets and designer ‘kadaas’. These are sure to give you a modern look and will instantly transform you into a stylish diva.

  1. Designer Golden Blouse

Whatever saree you have in your wardrobe, you can always carry it off with panache by combining it with a glamorous blouse preferably in Gold or Silver. This is the age of mix and match and a golden blouse fits the bill perfectly.

  1. Moisturising Face Cream

As your face is the most exposed part of the body, it is bound to get dry. Buy a good quality moisturising face cream, preferably having SPF, that will help keep your face healthy and glowing. The bed time routine of applying moisturizing cream generously will get you great results.

15 Must have Accessories this Wedding Season

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  1. Multicoloured Clutch/Hand Bag

When the wedding season is in full swing, it is difficult to find time to buy a clutch/handbag. If you are still unsure what you are wearing for the event, buying a handbag becomes trickier. Therefore, we recommend a multicolored batwa, hand bag or clutch as per your liking. This will free you from the hassles of buying a purse at the last minute.

  1. Sandals in Black and Gold

We all tend to wear clothes having a hint of gold, if not complete golden outfits for weddings. Hence, stocking up on black and gold footwear is the most obvious choice. You can buy these at the start of the wedding season.  Gold is the latest rage; so  your footwear can be coupled with any outfit.

  1. Daimonte Phone Cover

Haven’t you always wanted one, but never really had a chance to buy it. Well here is your chance- glitter with a stone studded phone cover. A mobile phone is no more a device today but a fashion accessory as well. (Most people even judge you based on your phone!). So why not splurge a bit and make  it reflect your style and personality?

15 Must have Accessories this Wedding Season

Dhanika Choksi Photography

  1. Bindi (in varied colours)

A beautiful bindi that suits your face shape is a necessity. Try and pick a shape and size that best suits you as it greatly adds to the overall charm of your face. With a small round bindi, you are ready for most wedding festivities.

10. Glossy Lipstick

This trend is growing with every passing day. You’ll see Bollywood stars (even Television stars) sporting a glossy lipstick (usually red) for most events and parties. You can now get a shade that makes you look glamorous. Stay away from shades that make you look tacky. Choose wisely.

11. Coloured Eyeliner and Kohl

Eyes are the window to one’s soul. Therefore, making the eyes look beautiful is an art. An eyeliner along with kohl can play the most important part in enhancing one’s eyes. The latest trend is to apply a coloured eyeliner with dark black kohl. Silver eyeliner will make you look party ready. Naturally, you must get a shade you like best.

15 Must have Accessories this Wedding Season

Sandeep Gupta Photography

12. Lip Balm

With the onslaught of winter, the thin layers of skin on lips make them dry and chapped. So, do keep a lip balm handy. Apply it frequently to avoid chapped lips at parties. Always apply a layer of lip balm before you apply the lipstick. Also, you can buy a moisturising lipstick and slather on a bit of lip gloss..

13Pashmina Scarf/Shawl

The cold weather doesn’t make getting ready for a wedding any easier. It is wise to be ready with a pashmina scarf or shawl to protect you from the cold wind. Pashminas are a popular choice due to their lightweight yet classy look.

14. Shrug/Jacket in Traditional Print

wedding accessories for 2015

Alia Bhat has made this trend popular through ‘2 states’. We love it and think it is fitting for our wedding scene. You can wear a heavily embellished or embroidered jacket over a plain kurta or vice versa. It is sure to catch everyone’s eye and make you stand out.

15. Nail Art Material

Wearing a single colour nail polish is boring. Try using different colours and patterns on your nails . Today, nail art material is easily available online and in stores. It take a bit of practice but looks fabulous.

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