15 Things Not to Do In the Week Before The Wedding

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As the last one week before the wedding finally rolls in, it is time for the bride to prepare for the most nerve-wracking- yet-exciting phase of wedding planning. This is the week to be grounded, to follow all the dos and don’ts. This is the week to watch the quiet house rapidly turning into a centre of excitement and activity as relatives and guests start to pour in. These rapid changes along with certain rules and regulations might irk you – but they are a very common scenario in every bridal home. Now, blame it on these changes or the anxiety build-up, brides often tend to do things that are so not recommended to be done in the week before wedding. So, in order to make sure that you are not doing anything that would spoil your dream wedding in the coming week, here are things you should not do —

15 Things NOT to Do in Week Before the Wedding

1. Last-Minute Facial

Book all your facial, laser treatment, chemical peel session at least a month before the wedding. Two to three weeks will give you sufficient time to heal if anything goes wrong. The only facial or face mask you could try include all natural fruit masks.

2. Pre-wedding shoot

Are you planning to leave the pre-wedding photo shoot for the last week? Think again. Think once again if it’s a summer or early autumn wedding. Because the exciting 4-5 hours of shooting can leave your skin badly tanned right before the wedding and you might’t have time left to remove it.

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3. Eyebrows

We know that everybody wants to have their eyebrows perfect and freshly done for their wedding days. But, if you are saving it for the last minute then, maybe, you are putting your face and beauty at stake. You could say that there’s no doubt that you will have the best stylist to do your eyebrows; there’s hardly any chance of getting misshaped eyebrows. But, even then, can you rule out the what-ifs?

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4. Trying new skin care product

Any new skin care product which you have never tried, should not be tried before the wedding at any cost. No matter how many recommendations you get from your friends and relatives about the magical features of the product, say ‘no’ to them. You are not questioning the product or its promises, but a week is too little time to experiment a new product on your skin. That too when your wedding is just a week away.

5. New diet plan

Be ready to be flooded with quick-to-yield-result dietary plans or yoga-poses-that-will-make-you-slim-in-a-week during the last week of your wedding. But, if you don’t want to faint before, on or after the ceremony, try to avoid all such suggestions politely. Similarly, you too should not pick up such ideas from the internet and try it on yourself.

6. A surprise road trip

The idea of going for a surprise road trip with your girls gang or to-be-beau might be really tempting and hard to resist, but, resist anyway. At least, for your wedding’s sake. Also, apart from the safety issues, the tasks at your hand will not let you enjoy the luxury of going on a road trip the week before the big day.

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7. Discussing certain issues with your fiance

For example, future planning, kids, finance, travel plans, differences etc. are best to avoid at any cost right before the day. After all, you wouldn’t like to fight over petty issues. Even if there’s something you need to talk about unless it’s too urgent, save it for later.

8. New haircut or makeover

Absolutely a Big NO! And if it is a bucket list thing for you then, maybe, you would like to discuss your plans with your wedding hair stylist and get his/her suggestions on this. If you are really dying to get a new haircut, keep a wig ready as your plan B.

9. Not breaking in the bridal shoes

Don’t forget to wear the bridal shoes at home in order to avoid serious blisters on the wedding day. As the last week gives you the opportunity to stay at home, utilize this to get your feet used to the new shoes. Moreover, being indoor, your new shoes will not lose their shine.

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10. Skipping meals

Not only on the week before your wedding, skipping your meal is in general an unhealthy habit. But, yes, it’s a strict no before the big day. No matter how busy or buried under tasks you may be, always take time for a complete full breakfast. The lunch and dinner could be shorter if you have a heavy breakfast.

11. Take everything to heart

Yes, this is one of the most important tips which can save you from all those raging thoughts and outbursts. Do not take anything that people say to you seriously. Some relatives and guests never fail to push their unwanted opinions and suggestions on others, but, do not trouble your mind with those thoughts and keep your mental sanity intact.

12. Forget to relax

Amidst all the last minute rushes and trials, do not forget to sit and relax once in awhile. You will end up exhausting yourself too much, mentally and physically.

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13. Give up sleep for deadlines

You are going on a month long leave and you have hundreds of office tasks to wrap up. So, you are doing work from home. That’s OK. But, in order to making deadlines, if you miss out on your good night sleep, that will just make you look bad with those dark circles. So, don’t give up on your sleep.

14. Save the DIY projects for last minute

Do not do this- simply because you will eventually run out of time. So, either you delegate the DIY wedding projects to others or you finish them 2-3 weeks beforehand.

15. Let anxiety and stress bottle up inside

If you feel drained, take rest. If you feel agitated, talk to someone who can help you to calm down.

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