15 Ways To Slash Thousands Off Your Wedding Costs

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When you are planning a wedding, a few bucks here and there might not make a big difference. However, when you can save thousands, you end up making a huge difference to the overall ‘bottom-line’. So today we are presenting some of the wedding industry’s tried and tested tips (many of which have been recommended by real wedding vendors as well as bridal families) to help you save big on your own wedding.

Indian wedding budget planning tips

15 Ways to Save Big on your Wedding Costs

  1. Opt for E-Invitations- When you design your own invitations online and invite people through sites like evite.com etc, you can save paper as well as money. Another great alternative to printed wedding invites is getting a designer to design a beautiful invitation online. Looks as pretty and costs less than a traditional invitation. Save the date videos are also cheaper than mail-in ‘Save the date’ cards, especially if you opt for DIY videos.
  2. Ask for a discount: Like TataSky’s motto “Poochne mein kya jaata hai?” you’d be surprised how often vendors are willing to slash prices when families ask them to tone down their costs. In exchange, you could add few extra services or offer to leave them a nice feedback online (on their social media or website).
  3. Shop around– Whether you are looking for wedding photographer or a priest to officiate your wedding, shop around. Costs vary based on experience, the vendor’s online presence as well as the city you are living in. For example: there are many young, yet qualified wedding photographers looking to gather experience and hence probably willing to lower their costs.
  4. Opt for DIY Photo booths– These are an upcoming trend in Indian weddings. Simply set up a cute photo booth or station with a lovely backdrop and ask your invitees to leave a note with their picture. These make for fantastic wedding day memories without the associated costs of wedding albums.
  5. Cater for at least 20 less than you expect– if you are planning on inviting 100 guests and expecting them all, order food for only 80 to 85 guests. Given the times we are living in (when most people are calorie conscious), we really do not need as much food. Besides, you could negotiate half plate prices for kids.
  6. Use Internet/social media for getting deals and discounts– It does pay to plan your wedding online. Start signing up for vendor newsletters and online bridal portals at least 6 months prior to the wedding. These are amazing places to learn about vendor discounts and specials. Many couples, for example, have received free pre wedding shoots through their photographers’ social media pages.
  7. Opt for “No present-Blessings only” policy– This can help you save money on return gifts and favours.
  8. Avoid lengthy wedding menus– Go minimalist in your wedding buffet menu to help you save thousands. Include a single dessert (instead of multiple) in the menu. Items like Jalebis are appreciated by all and do not come with a heavy price tag.
  9. Opt for cheaper wedding attire and jewellery– Wedding attire is a huge expense and, often times it is rarely reused. You can choose to splurge on a single outfit keeping the total number of outfits limited. Alternatively, you could buy several different outfits but ensure that each of them lies within the budget. You could also choose to wear heritage wedding dresses/jewellery handed down by your sister, mother or grandmother. Also try to shop for jewellery and attire when there are great festival sales going on.
  10. Hire a non professional wedding entertainer– Someone from your family or friend circle could be selected to entertain the wedding guests. This could be an aunt who sings beautifully or a friend who is a stand-up comedian. You could ask one of your friends to be the DJ and arrange a lovely dance party.
  11. Avoid Serving Alcohol– This is one area you can save big on by simply cutting alcoholic beverages from your pre wedding or wedding celebrations. When having a cocktail evening, serve only beer, wine and mocktails as these are cheaper.
  12. Stick to your budget, no matter what– Mention your budget to your vendors so you will not be “bullied” into overspending. Play hard to get with your vendors showing them that you are very clear about these matters. Ask them about their hidden costs, taxes or surcharges in advance to prevent surprises later.
  13. Get the bridal makeup done by friends or cosmetology students– Have your bridal makeup and hair done at home by yourself or a friend. You can even approach your regular stylists as these would be willing to slash prices and give you discounts than compared to bigger salons. You can even visit a beauty training institute where you can get somewhat experienced and inexpensive bridal makeup students. These can help you save big time.
  14. Opt for local vendors– Local vendors are often cheaper compared to specialists whose travel you’d have to arrange. (Caution: this changes from area to area, so please do your homework before signing up. Sometimes, it is cheaper to have your own vendor travel to your wedding destination.)
  15. Get married in the off-season– Many venues offer deals on off season weddings or even on certain days of the week. Make sure you ask about this (provided it fits your Muhurat timings as well).


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