Month: August 2014

Indian Groom Series- Fun Bachelor Party Return Favours

A party isn't complete without return favours. We share three affordable ideas with you.

Punjabi Weddings and jewellery

Jewellery in Indian Punjabi Weddings

Guest Blogger Sampurna Majumder of discusses the essentials of the Punjabi wedding jewellery...

marry me streamer

Indian Groom’s Series: Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas 1

You get just one chance,so why not make it extra special? We've got some great marriage proposal ideas for you here.

Royal Wedding theme Indian 2014

Top Two Indian Wedding Themes For 2014

Check out which are the two most popular Indian wedding themes for 2014 Weddings....

honeymoon couple

Must Haves In Your Honeymoon Back Pack

An ideal back pack is fun to carry along on long haul trips. It should house all that you can lay your hands on easily. We bring for...


Indian Groom’s Series: Tips For Serving Drinks At A Bachelor Party

To serve or NOT to serve- if that's the question then this is the article to read..

wedding ready hair with laser helmet therapy

5 Steps to Wedding Ready Hair with Laser Hair Rejuvenation Therapy

Hair fall is a common concern for brides to be. It can be attributed to several factors: hormonal imbalance, lifestyle , environmental stress, dietary deficiencies and so on....