Month: August 2014

Wedding decor

Wedding Décor Inspiration from Bollywood

Wedding décors are quite tricky. A lot of attention has to be paid to the details. If left to the last minute, it may spell disaster on the...

Gold jhumkas

5 Jhumka Styles To Glam Up Your Wedding Day Look

Indian jewellery gives you the liberty to try out innovative styles. To pep up your wedding day look, we have come up with 5 trendy and traditional jhumka...

themed Indian wedding cake

16 Pretty Indian Wedding Cakes For Every Colour Palette

We have 16 inspirational and oh-so-pretty wedding cakes to suit every wedding colour palette

Wedding Return Gift Ideas

If you are busy with your wedding preparations, we can bet on one thing – you still have no idea what to present as return favours to your guests!...

Indian Groom Sehra

Perfect Indian Groom Accessories

Brides are generally meant to take more care about their looks, jewellery and attire in a wedding. Grooms are supposed to just wear their outfit , comb their...

bachelor party invitation

Indian Groom Series- Fun Bachelor Party Themes 1

We've got some fun bachelor party themes coming up this week for the guys.

wedding garlands

All About Wedding Garlands

The exchange of varmalajaimala is an important ritual in Indian weddings. It is ideal therefore to choose a garland that compliments the look of the bride and the...