Month: September 2014

wedding ring

Indian Groom’s Series: Cute Outdoor Proposals

When you need a bit of inspiration to plan an awesome outdoor proposal, click this link.

Maharashtrian bride

10 Essential Maharashtrian Style Wedding Jewellery Pieces

Mohanmala, suryahaar, vaki, mangalsutra, patlya....and many such traditional pieces complete the look of a Marathi bride. Read on to find out more about the jewellery from Maharashtra.....

how to select your bridal makeup foundation

Bridal Beauty Basics: Your Guide to Foundation and Coverage

Here's some help in choosing the right foundation for your skin tone.....

wedding ring

Indian Groom’s Series: Public Proposal Tips

We have a few tips for the perfect public proposal. Read on to find out more.

6 Tips To Keep Things Polite When You Hate The Gift From Your Mum-In-Law

Hate the gift from your mother-in-law? Read on, we have important tips for dealing with this situation politely.....

wedding hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles: Trends and Inspiration from Indian Bridal Fashions Shows of 2014

If you are still undecided about the kind of wedding hairstyle you want for your D-Day, we have tons of inspiration for you straight from the ramp....

Graceful Saree drape

7 Eclectic Saree Drapes That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know About

Wedding is a special occasion for everyone to dress up in style. Whether it’s the cocktail party, the pre wedding ceremony, or the wedding ritual, we all want...