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Trendy Sun glasses

Top 5 Sunglasses Styles For Your Honeymoon

For somebody who personifies style, a perfect pair of sun glasses in your honeymoon back pack adds to the oomph factor. We help you choose the perfect shades...

planning stress free wedding

5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding–Stress Free

Planning your wedding? Here's how to do it all without going nuts...

engagement ring

Indian Groom’s Series: Do’s For A Marriage Proposal

We take the stress out of planning how to propose by giving you all the information you need to make yours a success.

Bridal Beauty Basics: Ban The Tan And Get Fairer Skin For Your D-Day

Dreaming of fairer skin and more radiant complexion for the D-Day? Read on, we have simple tricks and home remedies to help protect your skin from harsh...

the wedding ceremony

The Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

The wedding planning starts as soon as the couple decides to share their lives together. Though this may be a little stressful, the best way to have a...