Month: October 2014


The Significance of Garlands in Indian Wedding

Garlands in Indian weddings have an interesting history behind it. Read the following guest post from the experts at to know more.....

marriage rejection

How To Reject A Marriage Proposal Nicely

How should you react when you receive a marriage proposal and you want to say 'no' instead of 'yes'? We give you the right advice.

Wedding Jewellery

Top Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2015

With the exchange of designer ideas from all over the globe, you can expect fusion wedding jewellery trends that combine essence from different international cultures. If you are...

how to select Indian wedding shoes

Stop! Do Not Buy Your Wedding Shoes Without Reading This First!

Comfort, height and heels are the main aspects to consider while shopping for wedding on for other important shoe buying tips.....

bride's guide to lipstick application

Bridal Beauty Basics: The Lipstick Guide

The right tools and the proper shades can go a long way in getting the lipstick right and in sync with the occasion.


Wedding Season Is Almost Here!

We take a sneak peek at the upcoming wedding season in India and we've got plenty of great articles coming your way soon.

wedding beauty secrets

5 Surprising Wedding Beauty Secrets That Last

Not every woman’s lifestyle is the healthiest, if your wedding day is 4 months away and you’re trying to find the most efficient ways to look stunning,...