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In Vogue- Informal Weddings Part 3

In our last article on informal weddings, we give you tips on the food to serve, the venue to host your wedding at and the best return favours...

Selling your wedding dress after the wedding

Selling Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

Many brides today are open to the idea of parting with their dress after the wedding. So what’s the best way to prepare your wedding dress or Sari...

home remedies for pre-bridal feet care

Home Remedies For Pre-Bridal Foot Care

Feet are often the most ignored part of our body. Isn’t that quite ironic considering the fact that we use them from the minute we wake up till we lie down...

How to style your groom right for the wedding day

Style Your Groom Right With These 5 Tips

No matter what the style of your wedding is, make sure you DO NOT let your man walk down the aisle in a tired looking sherwani or blazer...


In Vogue- Informal Weddings Part 2

Fed up of one repetitive wedding after the other? An informal wedding is your answer to a ceremony that is both simple yet elegant.

Online Bridal Shopping – Pros and Cons

In online bridal shopping the question is whether to opt for it or not. While there's no denying that it can save a lot of time; you also...

Beautiful girl sleeping

Tips to wake up beautiful every morning

We all want to look good all through the day and that applies to right after we get out of the bed as well. Presenting a few tips...