2015 Wedding Trends For A Big Fat Indian Wedding- Part 2

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We are back with more 2015 wedding trends that you need to know about, if you are planning to tie the knot this year:


Mix of Cuisines– ‘Eat to live’ is a popular saying but as is often remarked, Indians live to eat! The success of a wedding or that of the reception that follows is often judged by a number of factors- the number of appetizers served, type of cuisines served, the number of dishes that were served, the variety of desserts that were on display and so on. In fact, keeping in mind the growing trend of low calorie snacks, low-fat food and macrobiotic dishes that are doing the rounds, the ability of the host to cater to each guest’s personal food preferences is the real key to a successful reception lunch or dinner.

‘Something for Everyone’ is therefore a trend that one will be seeing around a lot this year. Moreover, families are willing to hire the services of world famous chefs and well known names in hospitality so that they can create unique menus which combine the best of various regional and International cuisines, for a dining experience that is truly out of this world. This 2015 wedding trend will see a mix of cuisines, fusion food, live stations, food trucks and much more. We think that guests are guaranteed to have a great time as food specialists do their best to create dishes that wow and surprise.


Buffet vs Table Dining- We’ve often discussed about how buffets were a great idea to consider especially for hosts who wanted to conduct a wedding reception on a budget or who were eager to cut down on huge food wastage. In fact, talking about buffets in the practical sense, they give guests the freedom to decide what food to take and also the quantity. However, going by the latest 2015 wedding trend, that seems to be changing.

Sit down formal meals are slowly making an appearance just like in Western countries as they add a degree of formality to the occasion and also encourage more interaction between guests. So, instead of asking the guest to get up each time he wants to refill his plate, waiters bring each dish to the table and usually assemble them together in the centre, so that they are within easy reach for all the guests. This undoubtedly makes dining a better experience for the guests. In fact, sit down wedding meals are a regular in South India and are preferred to the buffet system.

The 2015 wedding trends for a big fat Indian wedding are no doubt quite interesting and a step up from the popular trends we saw the year before. Do write in to us with your feedback and comments.






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