2015 Wedding Trends For A Big Fat Indian Wedding

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2015 has just kicked off and already we’re witnessing quite a few wedding trends do the rounds. As Indians, we love weddings that are larger than life and which involve the entire community, thereby making it a celebration to remember. On one hand, frill or informal weddings seem to be the way to go especially in metros and in families where the to-be wedded couple are the ones footing the bill. But, in most other parts of India, a wedding is still remembered by the food served and the number of guests who were invited. So, what are the 2015 wedding trends for big fat Indian weddings? Let’s take a look:


Wedding Themes: Earlier, wedding themes were defined by the palette of colours used in the wedding decor. For instance, if the primary colours used were white and baby pink, then it was called a ‘Baby Pink’ wedding theme. Today, however, a wedding theme has taken on an entirely new meaning- it refers to a different kind of style, design, colour, setting and appropriate accessories or props used in order to reinforce the theme itself. And since there are so many wonderful wedding themes to choose from; going with one theme is simply not enough!

So, a 2015 wedding trend that you are likely to see time and again is the use of multiple themes for pre-wedding ceremonies (like the sangeet), the wedding as well as for the parties that follow. Wedding planners are more than willing to put their creativity to the test as well and functions that feature a mix of two themes are not uncommon either. In fact, a mix of a Western theme and an Indian one is certain to make an interesting combination too.



Colour Blends: Here’s another interesting 2015 wedding trend to take note of- blending colours used for the wedding decor to create interesting hues and nuances. If you take a look at the colour palettes usually used in Western and European weddings, then you would notice that loud colours or palettes have no place at all in the wedding decor. Most often, easy -on –the- eye shades like pastels, white, cream, peach, softer shades of pink and so on are preferred as weddings are usually held in the mornings or in the afternoons. In India, on the other hand, loud colours like vermillion red, sunshine yellow, marigold orange and parrot green are considered auspicious and are used for many auspicious ceremonies.

However, by using colour palettes traditionally associated with Western weddings along with those associated with Indian weddings, interesting colour combinations can be created. Think rust orange, dull golden cream and milky pinks. By using such muted tones for the decor and even for the mandaap, it allows the newlyweds to opt for deeper wedding wear colours and richer fabric. The interesting contrasts in the overall wedding decor and bridal wear are certain to be eye-catching and beautiful.

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