Month: February 2015

Indian wedding dresses that are even more gorgeous from the back

14 Indian Wedding Dresses That Are Even Better From The Back!

As a bride you would want to select Indian Wedding Dresses that look good from every are 14 that look even more striking from the back ...


Pantone Spring 2015 Colour Palettes- Part 2

If you want to truly look trendy and beautiful, then look no further than Pantone's very own Spring Colour Palettes. We give you all the information you need.


How Not To Become A Bridezilla- Part 4

In the final part of our series on Bridezillas, we give you tips on how to involve your fiancé in the wedding planning.

beautiful Indian bridal hairstyles real brides

10 Beautiful Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Your Big Day

From simple dos to elaborate traditional ones with floral/artificial accessories...we have the prettiest Indian wedding hairstyle photos of real brides.....get inspired for your big day....

burn belly fat before your wedding

5 Reasons You Are Failing To Reduce Belly Fat

If you are trying to reduce belly fat but not succeeding, you might be making these common mistakes....find out what they are....


Pantone Spring 2015 Colour Palettes- Part 1

Get ready to look stylish and trendy this Spring as we give you details about the hottest shades this year.

how to celebrate valentines day after marriage

Newlyweds Valentine Celebration: 6 Ways To Enjoy Your First V-day After Marriage

The first Valentine's day after marriage is something to look forward to as it gives couples that awesome chance to indulge in some more love and discover each...