Month: February 2015

perfect wedding makeup

The Only Things You Need For Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

The centerpiece of any wedding is a bride that glows from her head to toe. So what are the most important things you will need to achieve that...

First Gift to Husband Post Marriage

Brilliant First Gift Ideas For Husbands

Whether you’ve dated your husband for a while or you’ve met him only a couple times before tying the knot; the first gift you give him holds a lot...

how not to be a bridezilla

How Not To Become A Bridezilla- Part 3

Bridezillas are no doubt a nightmare to deal with for any wedding planner and if you want to ensure that your wedding planner doesnt walk out on you,...

Sushmita Sabyasachi Mukherjee

6 Indian Wedding Dress Designers We Love!

Look your marvelous best on your W-Day, as we present 6 wedding dress designers of India who can shape up your dream of fairy tale bridal wear.