Month: March 2015


Trending 2015 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends are always so much fun and here's your chance to learn more about them.


Top 2015 Destination Wedding Locations-Part 2

Destination weddings can be lots of fun and we tell you all you know about three hot spots.

top wedding shoes every bride must have

10 Must Have Shoes For Every Bride-to-be’s Wardrobe

This list of 10 must have shoes are not only every bride's ultimate dream to own in their wardrobe, but will, we believe, also help one stay comfortable...

best bridal nail art ideas

Simple Nail Art Ideas for Your Wedding

Brides: We are sure you are gonna love these wedding nail ideas...

departure of the bride

Real Weddings: Red-Gold Wedding In The Holy Land Of Varanasi

Styled exquisitely by High Events Wedding Planners and captured brilliantly by Rohan Mishra Phoography, we bring you an elegant red-gold wedding from the Holy Land of Varanasi...

pre-wedding tips

10 Things to Avoid in the Week Leading Up to the Wedding

If you are going to get married in a week's time, then avoid these 10 things at any cost and prevent these last minute disasters.


Top 2015 Destination Wedding Locations

Get the latest information on where to host your very own destination wedding this year.