Month: May 2015


Grooms And Wedding Planning

Grooms and wedding planning? Of course it's possible. Read on to find out more!

Stay Calm on Wedding day

5 Tips to Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day

The day of your wedding is the most stressful day of all. You want everything perfect and thanks to these expectations, most find themselves all worked up . Naturally, it shows on...

How to Make Comfortable Wedding Arrangements for Out-of-Town Guests

It is an important duty of the wedding hosts to make necessary arrangements for their out-of-town wedding guests and ensure that they feel right at home. Here's how...


Wedding Food Trends We Love

We Indians love to eat and the menu served at a wedding is no less important. Here's a look at a few wedding food trends that you should...

How To Make Your Wedding Kids Friendly

While you are researching on ways to please your wedding guests, you must also spare some time to check out what will make kids at your wedding have...

advice a mother gives the bride to be

Advice Every Mother Wants To Give Her Daughter On The Eve of Her Wedding

Here's what every mother wants to say to her daughter, the bride-to-be: important advice on the eve of her wedding...

honeymoon tips

10 Precautions to Avoid Common Mishaps on Your Honeymoon

For a dreamy honeymoon- take these simple precautions to avoid common blunders that many couples tend to make...........