Month: May 2015


DIY Bridal Pedicure

It's your right as a bride to feel pampered and cared for. That's why we think you'll enjoy trying out our easy DIY bridal pedicure.

best Indian bridal eye makeup products

Top Eye Makeup Products For Spring/Summer 2015 Brides

Eye makeup is the most critical and beautiful aspect of Indian bridal makeup and a reflection of your inner beauty.So if you are planning a Spring or Summer...

wedding planning tips to save time and money

5 Wedding Planning Tips To Save Time and Money

Do things right: use these wedding planning hacks to help you save time and money!


Wedding Trends Christian Couples Love- Part 2

How have Christian weddings changed over the years? Read on to find out more.

Food trends in Indian weddings 2015

Latest 2015 Wedding Food Trends- Part 1

Food plays a big part in any wedding and we want to make sure that yours is remembered for all the right reasons. Read on to find out...

parents in Indian wedding

10 Ideas to Make Your Parents Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day gives you that awesome chance to make your parents feel special, to make them remember the day with love and fondness. Here's 10 beautiful ways...

incorporate your personal style into the wedding day

4 Ways To Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Wedding

You can be your own stylist at your are ways to incorporate your personal style in your traditional wedding ensemble.