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essential kitchen gadgets

Newlywed 101- Essential Kitchen Gadgets and Tools Every Bride Needs

What are the exact kitchen gadgets and tools every bride needs to have on hand in order to impress her new in-laws and the extended family? Here's an...

friends every bride needs

Five Types of Friends Every Bride Needs

Here's the 5 types of friends every bride needs...to keep her sane and happy in the days leading up to the wedding!


Taming A Groomzilla Is Easy

Groomzillas can be a handful but underneath that tough exterior the guy you fell in love with is very much there. Read on for more.

Real Weddings: Swati-Prerak’s Destination Flavoured Wedding by Sandeep Gadhvi Photography

From the bride's gorgeous gorgeous wedding Lehengas to their romantic love story leading up to the big day, this real wedding is brimming with unique ideas and inspiration...


Tips on Taming Your Groomzilla

Groomzillas can be a serious nightmare but there are so many ways to deal with them successfully. We show you how.

mother daughter wedding photos

10 Heartwarming Mother Daughter Wedding Photos

The day her child gets married is definitely a high point in a woman's life....in honour of mothers everywhere, here are 10 mom-daughter wedding photos we love.....

Pre wedding photoshoot in Bangalore

Simple Informal Yet Inspirational Engagement Photo Shoot From Fotoshaadi!

Get inspired by this super simple, traditional yet highly colourful pre wedding/engagement photoshoot by Fotoshaadi.