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weddingsonline making of the bride pre wedding bridal photoshoot with Camera Crew and Blush Salon

weddingsOnline Presents ‘Making Of The Bride-2’: Zarna’s Spectacular Bridal Photoshoot

For part 2 of The Making of the Bride session, WOL assembled Camera Crew,top wedding photographer team from Mumbai, renowned makeup artist Melanie of Blush Salon and the...


How to Plan An Adults Only Wedding-Part 2

Is a wedding without children your dream wedding? Yes, it may sound weird, but this is quite a trend in the West. We tell you more.


How To Plan An Adults Only Wedding-Part 1

Planning your adults only wedding requires plenty of patience and sensitivity in handling your guests too. We tell you how to walk the line without hurting any of...

Hollywood inspired braided hairstyles

Hollywood Inspired Braided Hairstyles

Wedding or bridal hairstyles are often difficult to finalise. There are so many options available: you can use your natural length, you can use extensions, you can go for...

weddingsOnline making of the bride photoshoot

weddingsOnline Presents The Making of The Bride: Riddhi’s Unforgettable Birthday Bridal Makeover

weddingsOnline India is proud to feature 3 lucky brides-to-be in their 'Making of The Bride' initiative. Here's the first part of this series....Bride-to-be Riddhi's unforgettable birthday bridal makeover....

destination wedding

5 Things Couples Forget When Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding often means no obligation and no boundaries. But, is it really that simple? In reality, it comes with its caveats as well. Here...

eating right for your body shape

How To Eat Right According To Your Body Shape

When you dream of your wedding day, you picture yourself to be perfect – with a wonderful wedding dress, dreamy make up, glamorous footwear-the works! Other than these things that you can...