Month: October 2015


10 ‘Hatke’ Wedding Attire Combo Ideas for Grooms

While most couples go for matching or colour coordinated outfits, we recommend you take inspiration from these 10 unusual ideas and combos for grooms....

bachelor- party

Best Ways to deal With His Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is just your groom's way of having fun and theres no reason why you need to feel insecure about anything. Read on to learn more....

how to annoy wedding guests

13 Ways You Could Enrage Your Wedding Guests

Here are the 10 things you would be surprised to know can enrage your wedding guests. Read carefully to know what steps you must take to please the...

bollywood themed wedding

6 Ways To Have A Bollywood Themed Wedding

Use these 6 fail proof ways to have a Bollywood style wedding!

bridal makeup questions

6 Things Your Bridal Makeup Artist Wishes You Would Tell Them

What are the things you must discuss with your bridal makeup artist in advance before the wedding day? What are the questions your makeup artist wishes you would...

metallic wedding makeup

Latest Bridal Makeup Trend: Metallic Wedding Makeup

After setting the runways ablaze and sweeping the fashion world with its metallic yet delicate effects, this beauty trend has made its glamorous entry into the bridal world...

wedding date

5 Things to Know Before Setting Your Wedding Date

Before you finalize the wedding date, read about these 5 things which will help you choose the perfect date for your wedding. Plan your date accordingly.