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Month: April 2016

fun wedding photo

5 Fun Wedding Photo Shots You Should Consider

Thinking of clicking some unusual wedding photos on your special day? We have some great ideas for you.

mehndi trends 2016

10 Amazing Mehendi Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

There are two types of brides - one who wants her to be as elaborate and detailed as possible and the other who vow for minimalism. But, these...

eco-friendly weddings

4 Tips On Having Your Own Eco Friendly Wedding

Planning to go for a small ceremony instead of the usual lavish one? We give you four tips on how to have an awesome and memorable eco-friendly wedding.

summer wedding ideas

15 Great Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer weddings can be exhausting. But these 15 helpful tips will keep you and your guests cool!

Hazel-Yuvraj’s Must-See Pre-Wedding Photos!

Stunning photos from Hazel Yuvraj's Harper Bazaar Bride Photoshoot as well as their wedding and honeymoon plans!

fiance in wedding planning

4 Tips To Include Your Fiance In The Wedding Planning

Irritated with your fiance because he just wont participate in any aspect of the wedding planning? We're here to help you with 4 fool-proof tips on how you...

how to choose an engagement ring for men

Need To Choose A Ring For The Groom? Take This Into Account!

Factors to consider when selecting men's engagement rings and wedding bands.