2017 Wedding Favour Gift Trends You Should Know About

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If you’ve noticed, 2016 has been the year for wedding breakthroughs in many ways. We’ve seen the bride of tomorrow who wants a simple down to earth wedding, eco green weddings have been trending quietly and we’ve also seen larger than life celebrity weddings that stole the headlines for days on end. Gifting has always been an important part of celebrations, so it’s only natural that gifting options too have become quirkier, trendier and more personal. Here, we take a look at 2017 wedding favour gift trends that are guaranteed to make your guests smile:

Say No to Kitchen Magnets or Mugs and YES to plants

One of the best benefits of gifting a small potted plant to a wedding guest is that they get to watch a beautiful memory grow and become bigger with time. Bonsai plants are the ideal gift to give but even tiny cacti shrubs are a good option too. It’s time to say no to customised mugs or to a kitchen magnet with your faces on it and yes to a greener initiative. We see this 2017 wedding favour gift trend only catching on in a big way.

Say NO To Toiletries/ Grooming Kits and YES to Personal Accessories

We agree that gifting toiletry kits are a really comfortable option- everybody is bound to like something that’s in the bag. But if you really want your guests to value what you are giving, then you need to think one step ahead. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but cuff-links, a studded hairclip, or even a brooch is a gift that will be much valued. Plus, these accessories can be worn with almost any kind of outfit.

Say NO to Mithai/Dry Fruit boxes and YES to Premium Mini Hampers

You were probably thinking of giving a box of imported almonds to each guest, but how about gifting them a small pretty sachet of Darjeeling tea bags instead? You could also gift them sachets of premium coffee as well. Exclusivity is the key here and if you can afford it, we suggest gifting at least 4 varieties of tea, but if you’d prefer something less extravagant, you’ll find that connoisseur options are also available in smaller packages. Give the gifting section on Teabox a try!

Say NO to Gift Vouchers and YES to Gift Cards

Gift vouchers that can be redeemed anywhere sounds nice but we foresee that a 2017 wedding favour gift trend that will do the rounds is of giving gift cards instead. Sites like Amazon also give the option of emailing the receiver just in case you would prefer a more eco-friendly option. Pick and choose from discount cards which can be redeemed on travel sites and at many other shopping outlets. Your guests will thank you for it!

Say YES to Creating Experiences

It’s been said that on any occasion, we rarely remember what we wore or what we spoke, but it’s the way we feel that stays on in our minds. Why not gift your guests a whole different experience altogether? It could be registering them for a spa session, signing them up for cooking classes or even for a Bollywood dance class. It’ll be a lovely treat for your guests and best of all, they’ll remember this 2017 wedding favour gift trend experience for a lifetime.

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