25 Beauty Tips Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

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o matter what season you are getting married in or what style you are choosing for your D-day, these 25 essential beauty tips will help you glow on all your special occasions.

25. Keep your summer makeup minimal– More the weather outside is muggy and hot, more important it is to go minimal as far as your makeup is concerned. Our tip: Opt for sheer and nude shades for your summer events.

24. Condition hair for maintaining hair colour– Do you find that your hair colour fades faster in the hot-humid season? Then opt for a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment for longer lasting hair colour. Our pick: Biotique’s Water Cress Fresh Nourishing Conditioner for coloured and permed hair.

23. Breakouts before a major event?: If you have the tendency to breakout before big events talk to your doctor about taking oral (or applying topical) cortisone to prevent them.

22. Do your eyes or lips; not both– When you go heavy on both these areas the effect is likely to be unflattering. Opt instead for just doing the eyes or the lips. We recommend: shimmery eyes and matte lips (or alternatively go in for cat eyes and nude lipstick).


21. Tip for those red eyes: Late night events giving you red eyes? Opt for white eyeliner as these can reduce the red eye effect.

20. Want to create an illusion of higher cheekbones? Apply a bronzer just beneath the cheekbone and a highlighting foundation or primer on the actual bone.

19. For a fuller hairdo– Have fine and thin hair? Tie up wet hair in a towel and sleep over it (literally). You will have bouncier hair with more volume the next morning. If you plan on blow drying instead, apply a light gel or volumizing spray first for an instant lift at the roots.

18. Treat acne as soon as you spot it: Apply your acne cream containing Benzoly peroxide or tea tree oil on the zit as soon as you spot it. This is an expert recommended tip that can help heal acne faster without leaving tell-tale marks.

17. Want fuller lips? We would recommend lip fillers and surgery but those who want to opt for something less dramatic, try the flesh coloured lip liners instead. Then simply apply your favourite lipstick as usual.

16. Red lipstick tips– Brides and red lipsticks go hand in hand. A tip for choosing the right shade: Choose one that matches your skin’s undertones. Brides with warmer undertones can opt for warmer reds (Revlon Super Lustrous Love That Red) while those with cooler undertones should opt for cooler reds (Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme, Coral Pink).

.15. Avoid foundations in summer– Foundations can cake up and appear flaky due to the heat and humidity. Opt instead for tinted moisturizers as these give same coverage without caking and flaking.

14. Water resistant sunscreens are a myth– When enjoying a day at the pool, apply sunscreen every two hours.

13. Exfoliate but do not dry out the skin– Experts recommend exfoliating the  skin every week. However, do not use harsh scrubs as these can be quite damaging. Instead, go in for homemade masks like Besan and milk or  sugar and olive oil etc as these are non-abrasive yet work wonders in removing dead skin cells.

12. Greasy hair– Ladies with greasy hair can use a dry shampoo for removing excess oil from hair. On the days you do not have time to wash your hair, wear socks on your hands and liberally rub in some baby powder throughout the hair to remove excess oil.

11. Use a sulfate-free shampoo– Sulfates (Sodium lauryl sulfate) are surfactants used for giving excess lather to the shampoo. These dry out the scalp and also lead to a buildup . Opt for natural, chemical-free formulas that reduce product buildup in hair. (Note that many formulations claim to be chemical free but still have sodium lauryl sulfate in them. So make sure you read the labels). We recommend the Biotique and Himalaya® range of shampoos and conditioners.

10. Avoid conditioning in case of greasy hair– Conditioners weigh down the hair. So opt for conditioning only the tips of the hair not the roots, or completely avoid using one.

9. Avoid touching hair and face– Our fingertips are full of oil and dirt and when you run your hands frequently through the hair you will reduce its all-day volume. Similarly, touching the face can lead to zits and ugly breakouts.

8. Sunscreen all the time! – Use a SPF based moisturizer even on cloudy days or the days you are staying indoors.

7. Want hair to grow faster? Trim ‘em- Trimming hair regularly can help reduce split ends which, in turn, can help the hair grow faster.

6. Clean your makeup brushes- Overtime, makeup brushes accumulate facial oils and dirt becoming the breeding ground for bacteria. So, change your makeup brushes regularly, or better still ensure cleaning them in hot water frequently.

5. Dry hair masks– For women with dry hair, deep conditioning with hair masks can replenish moisture. Opt for homemade hair masks or apply hot coconut oil overnight and wash off next day.

4. To minimize pores and blackheads– Apply a non-drying alcohol-free toner after your cleansing routine to seal pores. We recommend Himalaya Herbals Refreshing and Clarifying Toner.

3. Use a loofah or pumice stone from time to time– These can help you get rid of in-growth after hair removal and can also be used to scrub away dead calluses on the feet.

2. Cream cleansers for dry skin-For dry skin use creams rather than gel based cleansers to clean the face as these are less drying.

1. Replace your mascara and liquid eye liner every couple of months or store them in the refrigerator to increase their shelf life.

This is one long list of beauty tips but we are sure there are more. So, do comment below as to what  your own beauty secrets are and do not forget to share this list with your friends!

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