3 Awesome Spots In India For Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

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One of the best ways to ring in the New Year is by having a cosy little celebration, aka a New Year’s Eve Wedding which combines the excitement of getting hitched and the onset of a new year with new beginnings and promises. So what if you don’t exactly have the budget to afford a lavish exotic destination wedding? You can have one right here in our beautiful country as well. And you’d be surprised to know this, but the best resorts and hotels in these four tourist places sure know how to ensure that you have a memorable time without breaking the bank:

Top 3 Places To Have A New Year’s Eve Wedding

Goa- Undoubtedly one of the favourite holiday spots of both Indians and foreigners alike, Goa comes alive in the month of December. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Christmas is celebrated in such a unique way here or that the locals know how to have a good time with friends and family. There are plenty of famous resorts here and you can be certain that you’ll get to enjoy the best in terms of cuisine and hospitality. Oh, and if you aren’t done with the partying, no worries; just find your way to the Sunburn Festival where the music and dance never stop. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate a New Year’s Eve wedding!


Kerala- A land that is steeped in culture and tradition; Kerala’s greenery and beauty beckons. For couples who would like to have an unusual wedding ceremony- think traditional music with an elephant or two in the background and simple vows that touch the heart. Plus that’s not all- sit down to enjoy a naadan oonu or a traditional meal (although we say that the feast is anything but simple!) and you’ll be licking your fingers for more. Sightseeing in ancient cities like Kollam and a houseboat ride on the Vembanad lake are experiences that will last beyond this lifetime. Be one with nature as you celebrate your New Year’s Eve wedding.


Udaipur- Want to feel like a real princess and say your wedding vows in a real palace that has welcomed king and queens before you? Step into Udaipur, a city that is an important jewel in Rajasthani culture and you will feel like time has stood still just so that you can enjoy your New Year’s Eve wedding to the fullest. Folk dances, puppet shows and sumptuous vegetarian meals cooked with oodles of love and large helpings of ghee are certain to fill your heart and mind. This city has also played host to many celebrities, one of them being the famous actress Raveena Tandon herself. So it is indeed one of the best places to have a New Year’s Eve Wedding.

Pack your bags, give your family and friends a call and get married in real style this year. Trust us, you will remember this adventure of getting married in one of India’s exotic locations on such a poignant day for life.

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