4 Bridal Makeup Techniques To Talk To Your Stylist About

Bridal makeup is always evolving and as photography lenses become even more razor sharp and are able to detect even the smallest imperfections in one’s skin, the demand for advanced makeup techniques that make a bride look awesome is only getting stronger.

In India, particularly, there is always one ‘know it all’ makeup expert who is often the first and last expert in anything to do with skin; be it getting rid of blemishes or giving tips on how to ensure that skin stays glowing. Often, the expert may be an aunt or even a best friend. But even if you have known the makeup professional who will be doing your bridal makeup for you, knowing what’s latest in the world of bridal makeup opens up the possibilities of new looks for you:

HD Bridal Makeup

bridal makeup

Image courtesy Nivedita Ghosh Photography

The term HD is only too commonplace these days- we have HD cameras and HD TV’s and anything that’s high definition is considered to be the best option available. So what exactly is HD makeup then? Honestly, the term itself refers more to the skills and techniques used by the bridal makeup professional than to a range of products as such. Simply put, HD makeup works brilliantly on flawed skin and covers up pores and blemishes so beautifully that the skin appears perfect to the touch. The entire makeup tone is construed around blending the products really smoothly and ensuring that there are no jarring colours used. Any light hair on the skin is also covered up well and needless to say, an HD made-up face looks flawless on camera too.

Airbrush Look

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Image courtesy Shine Studio

The term ‘airbrush’ was used synonymously with Photoshop for a very long time and so it’s possible that nobody imagined that one day it would apply to a real makeup technique. Airbrush makeup is very lightweight and gives you a near nude look. In order to apply this makeup evenly, an air-gun machine is used and when it is turned on, a spray of make-up in the form of a light mist is ejected. When applied on different parts of the face, it gives the skin an even toned look. It’s believed that since this form of makeup is sprayed on, it blends in with the skin as well and tends to last much longer too. Which is great news for brides to be who want to mingle around with guests and shake a leg late at night on the dance floor!

Matte Makeup

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Image courtesy Pratik Photoworks

Women with oily skin were often in a dilemma about how to wear their makeup without ruining their look. One of the problems with oily skin is that no matter what kind of makeup is applied to the skin, natural oils will seep out and eventually give a shiny appearance on the forehead, cheeks and tip of the nose. Enter the bridal makeup solution- matte makeup. Matte makeup which was very popular with Hollywood actresses, can make the skin look flawless and oil free when applied properly. Makeup experts suggest playing around with a bit of shimmer or gloss when it comes to the lipstick or eyeshadow so that the overall look isn’t a drab one.

Dewy Makeup

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Image courtesy Weddings Wings Photography

For brides to be with ‘oh so perfect skin’ and who want a bridal makeup look that spells ‘fresh’, a dewy makeup look is the perfect solution. In fact, it’s been spotted on many our own home grown celebs on the red carpet. In contrast to a matte look, a dewy look has a radiant appearance which works well on skin types of any age. Plus, since it reflects light so well, it simultaneously softens any imperfections and gives the appearance of a healthy life! One of the best ways to wear dewy skin is to blend it with a matte makeup look so that the overall skin tone isn’t too shimmery or glossy, as that could create quite the opposite unglamorous effect.

Main image courtesy ND Photography