4 Easy Beauty Tips For Brides

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Your wedding day is all about colour – beautiful, vibrant satin gowns, stunning decorations, and, of course, bold make-up. Finding the perfect make-up look for your big day can be tricky – you want to play it safe, but you still want to look absolutely gorgeous, so it’s all about finding that balance between creative and classic. To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve put together four simple beauty tips for brides – from the perfect eye-makeup to how to handle stains on the day.

Preparing for the big day

Arguably, preparing your skin and hair for your big wedding day is even more important than what you end up doing on the day – after all, there’s nothing more beautiful than a naturally glowing skin that doesn’t need much make-up at all. In the weeks before your wedding day, exfoliate regularly, and either go for manicures or do it yourself at home if you’re a nail pro already. Take relaxing baths, and even though the weeks before a wedding can be very stressful and intense, do make sure you get enough sleep – this is crucial, since you don’t want to have to hide dark bags under your eyes.

Make it match

Believe it or not, if you’ve picked your outfit and jewellery for the wedding day, you’ve already done half the work for your make-up choice too – after all, your make-up should complement your outfit. If you’ve chosen a very flashy, vibrant outfit with heavy jewellery, you might want to opt for a slightly lighter make-up look. And, of course, always make sure that the colours match. Likewise, if you’re focusing on the eyes, go for a more subtle lipstick, and if you’re going for a bold lip, don’t opt for the heaviest smoky eye you have ever seen – it’s all about making it match.

Dealing with make-up stains

Considering how colourful and intense wedding make-up is, it’s no wonder that it sometimes ends up where it shouldn’t. Most make-up stains can be easily removed with a good liquid detergent or dry-cleaning solution after the wedding, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, have some cotton buds and a stain removal solution suitable for your fabric ready during the wedding to avoid letting the stain set into your gown.

How to take a beautiful picture

4 Easy Bridal makeup tips for Indian brides

As the bride, you will most likely be featured in most photos – and of course want to look flawless for that. Apply foundation with a matte finish evenly to your skin, and finish the look off with some matching pressed powder to avoid shine in pictures. Make sure you blend both foundation and powder into your neck as well for a natural face. Keep some pressed powder handy during the wedding too, so you can always touch up during the day – and night.

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