4 Fun Ways To Bust Wedding Planning Stress

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Would you believe it if we told you that planning a wedding can be extremely stressful -much like giving an exam? And that’s exactly why you need to take a breather every now and then and simply de-clutter your mind of all wedding planning related activities. However, that’s easier said than done. Dealing with a vendor who decides to pull out from your wedding at the last minute or having to put up with tantrums from a florist is no small feat. And here’s another possibility- on the day when you actually take a de-stressing break, an unexpected phone call about a wedding planning related concern may be enough to send your anxiety levels through the roof.

So, how do you deal with the entire wedding planning stress? We’ve got 4 fun ideas for you to seriously explore:

wedding planning stress

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Get Artsy

Art has long being considered a guaranteed wedding planning stress buster. Even if you aren’t exactly a Van Gogh in the making, simply taking out your old set of water colours and getting dirty with your paints can be a highly rewarding experience. Think of it this way- you’re creating a mini masterpiece for your bedroom. If you really can’t digest the thought of watercolours, then try your hand at a colouring book. No, we don’t mean the kind of books that school children use, but colouring books with intricate patterns and designs meant for adults. You’ll feel calm and focused in no time.

wedding planning stress

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Laugh Out Loud

What makes you laugh till you’re clutching your sides in mirth? Is it a comedy movie, doing an activity with a friend, watching sitcoms on re-runs or joining an actual laughter club? Laughter is a natural wedding planning stress buster and when you make time for the funny side of life, you actually relax your brain which works round the clock. Simply laughing out loud has been proven to be highly beneficial for the body and can even enhance your overall immunity. So, let the giggles flow!

wedding planning stress

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Go Outdoors

Nature is all around us and yes this is one wedding planning stress buster we tend to overlook. Don’t keep sitting indoors with your excel sheet and wedding budget in front of you. Put on your jogging shoes, put a leash on your pet and go out for a walk. If walking or exercising outside really isn’t your thing, then simply head to a quiet park with a book in hand. You’ll get to catch up on the latest best seller and also enjoy the ‘me-time’ too. Keep your cell phone on silent as well for an uninterrupted break.

wedding planning stress

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Play a Video Game

Are we really encouraging you to take up your fiance’s favourite hobby? You bet we are! Video games, when played in moderation are a wonderful wedding planning stress buster too. Take your pick from motion based video games which also help you bust calories while keeping you engaged or other boy favourites like video games that require you to use logic and reasoning to get through to the next level. And, yes, even video games which allow you to use a range of weapons to survive act as a great wedding planning stress buster too!

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