4 Newlywed Roommate Etiquette Rules To Follow

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They say a husband and wife are roommates for life. Couple counselors often get newlyweds in the first few months of their marriage having fights over small things which soon escalate into major rows. Majority of these issues arise due to lack of roommate etiquettes which couples fail to follow. So today we will touch base on 4 important newlywed roommate etiquettes every couple should adhere to:

1. Give each other space

They say when you love someone, set them free. If the roots are strong, they will come back. Often, people feel their significant other should only do as they say, and many even try to get in between their parents, friends or old relationships.It is very important to avoid this. Pay attention to small things like giving him/her the privacy they need when talking to their friends/family members etc. Do not check each others’ phones. If your partner has closed the door to his/her room, knock before entering.

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2. Tidy up after yourself

Gone are the days when your mom will pick up your clothes or wet towels from the floor after you. Guys, you certainly cannot expect your wives to do so. Pick up after yourself and do try to help your partner in the cooking and cleaning. Do not forget to tidy up after you have used the bathroom/toilet. These are very important etiquette rules that often get in the way of relationships.

3. Respect each other’s schedules

Often, couples have different habits before marriage. The wife may be an early riser while the husband works a double shift and gets in late at night. If this is the case, respect each other’s schedules. Wives: allow your night owl husbands to sleep in until later. If one has to go earlier to work, the other should allow her/him to use the bathroom first. These are small but simple rules every couple should follow for a healthier marriage!

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4. Talk things out

Finally, nothing beats the power of healthy communication. If you do not like something your partner does or says, speak it out. Do not keep it inside as doing so will only harbor negative feelings. Speaking things out is vital for healthy relationships. If for example, your partner’s snoring is affecting your sleep, tell him/her gently to seek help or make certain changes. Tackle these small issues early on to prevent major communication gaps in the future.

Newlywed roommate etiquette is as important as college roommate etiquette. Hope these 4 pieces of advice come in handy.

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