4 Simple Tips to Gift Bridal Lingerie to Your Significant Other

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gentleman's guide to gifting wedding lingerie to bride on wedding night

Whoever said gifting needs time surely wasn’t a woman. Women love getting gifts, and more so on a special occasions. (Of course, women also love getting gifts in moments that are not special occasions). As long as you are giving your better half something special, you are showing that you care for her. Gifts hold a special power but gift giving also comes with some responsibility. First and foremost, there is the responsibility of not giving a clichéd gift. You may have already gifted her perfumes, chocolates, clothes or giant stuffed teddy bears. But the gift you give on the wedding night has to be extra special. Some men choose to gift jewelry on this occasion but for others, the choice is bridal lingerie. And yes, you can literally bowl her over with this gift as it is one that you both get to enjoy!

Is it right to gift lingerie on the wedding night?

To all the grooms to be: gifting lingerie on the first night is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it is a great idea provided you follow all the tips given in this gentlemen’s guide for lingerie shopping. Allow us to reiterate some of those tips here:

1. Choose her favourite colour

Everyone has a color preference and by now you must know what the favourite color of your bride to be is. Some women, for instance, love beige while others might prefer black. It would be a great idea to get some hints about what her likes and dislikes are, when it comes to colour preferences.

2. Know her size

Unless you are buying a free size lingerie, you may want to get some idea about her size. If you decide to shop online, get an idea from the Size Charts that most brands display next to each product. If you are bold enough, you might let her in on the plan and even ask her directly!

how to gift bridal lingerie on wedding night

3. Go the gift voucher way

This one takes a little different path but reaches the same goal of gifting her lingerie on the wedding night. By giving her a gift voucher, you get the advantage of keeping things a secret and she gets to buy something of her choice. The lingerie she buys will come in handy on your honeymoon and other nights to follow.

4. Make it special

Your wedding night is a special time and you do not need us to tell you that. Many couples gift each other something on this night, not as a tradition but more as a gesture of love. If the husband gifts his wife some beautiful lingerie, it is his way of showing his commitment and love to his significant other.  It would be a great idea to wrap the gift aesthetically and not just use a paper bag for that purpose. Don’t forget to look into her eyes while you give her the gift with love.

Some great lingerie gifting ideas include- Sheer babydolls with thongs, multi-piece lingerie, and robe set where you can play with several layers, a bralette or boy shorts set in lace or satin or even a stringy satin bikini. Whatever you choose, it should be a piece that suits the body type of your wife and she should not be uncomfortable wearing it. Remember, you want your wedding night to be an experience that you cherish for life.

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