4 Styling Tips For Wedding Guests This Season

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So, you’ve been invited to a couple of weddings this season and you’re really excited about looking your very best and catching up on all the gossip that you have missed out on. So, what have you decided to wear and how well do you know the couple whose wedding you are attending? Well, to put it simply, this article is dedicated to wedding guests all across India who truly make a wedding come alive. Here are a few timeless styling tips to keep in mind so that you stand out for all the right reasons:

Dress Right

By suggesting that wedding guests ought to dress right, all we mean is that the occasion and the time of the function should be factors that you keep in mind when picking out what to wear. Don’t be that aunty who comes overdressed for each function and thus unintentionally gets more laughs than praises. At the same time, don’t walk into a wedding function straight from work because that shows you didn’t care enough to dress up. Flaunt your style without going over the top.

 Mix and Match

What happens when wedding guests are invited to more than just a few weddings and there’s a good chance that one may run into a few familiar faces on more than one occasion? That’s why mixing and matching certain styles and opting for fusion wear works well in such cases. If you can afford to buy individual wedding guest wear for each function then do so, but if you can’t, then creating a fresh different look each time is the trick to getting noticed. For instance, a handloom saree can be worn in so many different ways and with different jewellery pieces for a unique look.

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Look Radiant

If the wedding is an outdoor event, then make sure your skin is moisturised well so that it looks dew fresh and supple. Opting for waterproof makeup is a safe bet for wedding guests because one wouldn’t need to worry about makeup getting ruined in case of a sudden shower or even sweat. A nude or bronze look works beautifully for a day function and we suggest letting one of your makeup applications remain the sole highlight. It could be your silver eyeshadow, a deep green eyeliner or even your favourite cherry pink blush.

 Make Your Accessory Pop

Would you appreciate a person who was dressed to kill and who had too much detail on her or would your eyes appreciate a person who was elegantly clothed and had that one accessory which made her stand out so effortlessly? It would probably be the second option. So, if you love colour on your outfit, stick to making a single accessory pop. It could be your bag, your pair of shoes, a chunky jewellery or even a thick arm cuff- just that one detail which makes eyes and heads turn and makes you feel extra good about yourself.

Do you have any tips to share with us on wedding guests? Write in to let us know!

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