4 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Day Lingerie

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Lingerie was once a taboo word among brides and in general society, simply because it was a topic that nobody really wanted to discuss although everybody was curious about it. The sudden spurt in online retailers who allow shoppers to get up close and personal with the silkiest of lingerie fabrics has opened up a world of sexy night wear options for women all over the country. Instead of going with a staid white cotton set, choices like midnight blue satin, baby dolls, corsets and a whole set of new lingerie associated terminology has entered our everyday conversation. And why shouldn’t it?

As a bride, we know you’ll go to great lengths to ensure that your wedding wear and your outfit are perfect. But why ignore the lingerie you will be wearing on your special day when you could feel even sexier from inside? Here are — tips to help you put together the perfect wedding day lingerie:

wedding day lingerie

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Have a Budget

Is it really a must to have a budget for your wedding day lingerie? After all, you’ve been doing nothing but making budgets for everything else that’s wedding related! Yes, as with any purchase, having a budget for the kind of lingerie you would like is important too. With so many options to choose from, you need to decide if wedding day lingerie is something you would like to splurge a bit on or save lesser on. And yes, while you’re doing your window shopping, keep an eye out for great deals and for specific brand related promotions. You may be surprised at the sweet savings you’ll end up with.

The Fit and Your Body Shape Matters

One of the biggest drawbacks of online shopping is that you can’t ever be a 100% sure if the fit is going to be perfect for you. What looks great on a professional model may unfortunately, just not look as alluring on you. That is precisely the reason why walking into a lingerie store personally and trying on various designs and patterns will give you an idea of what works best for your body. And don’t be shy of asking for the ideal recommendations for your body type irrespective of whether you are slim or curvy. There’s the perfect lingerie to suit all body shapes.

wedding day lingerie

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Try Your Lingerie On Before D-Day

Yes, your wedding day lingerie was bought for the ceremony but there’s no reason why you can’t wear it for at least a few hours before your wedding day. You need to be comfortable in your wedding day lingerie because you’ll be entertaining guests all day long and you won’t be able to do anything much about the comfort aspect if you choose to wear it only on D-Day. Think of it this way- if you aren’t too happy with the way the fabric feels against your skin, you can still go out and purchase something completely different for yourself.

Go for the Details

We would never suggest putting pattern before quality and comfort when it comes to choosing wedding day lingerie. But having said that, since it is your wedding day, why not go for little details that put a smile on your face? A peek-a-boo bow artfully placed on the fabric, fake rhinestones, lace details and other feminine designs are guaranteed to make you feel extra sensuous. Besides, it will also be a wonderful keepsake of your wedding day in the years to come.

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