4 Tips On Having Your Own Eco Friendly Wedding

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Eco friendly weddings are slowly trending all across the country. Have you ever wondered about what happens to all the food, flowers and decorations that get wasted at a wedding? Well, we Indians love to spend money on having a lavish wedding but we rarely ever think about the huge wastage that also occurs simultaneously. Now, multiply the wastage into a minimum of around 30 weddings that are likely to be happening on the same day in the same locality and you get the drift. Needless to say, eco warriors are up in arms over lavish weddings and are advocating eco friendly weddings where wastage is kept to a minimum with the sole purpose of celebrating the poignancy of the moment over showing off to society. Here are 4 ways in which you can have your very own eco friendly wedding and do your bit for nature:

It all begins with the wedding invitation. Say no to printed wedding cards that cost a bomb and opt for an email service or an e-card invite which can be jazzed up with colourful gifs and animation for a cute look. You will not only save plenty in terms of printing costs but you don’t have to pay a thing for postage either. On the other hand, you can add a more personal touch to the invite by adding a short casual mail to your near and dear ones too. We think it’s quite a fool proof way to get them to be present on your special day.

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Many couples spend thousands over getting the freshest blooms for their auspicious day, but by afternoon, the flowers wilt under the hot sun and by evening they are simply dumped in the nearest garbage can. Instead of opting for fresh blooms, how about thinking of fake flowers made from cloth or plastic which look just as good as the real thing? Or, you could also go with real potted plants decorated with mini tinsel for a festive look. In fact, a single potted plant, even if it’s a cactus will look gorgeous as a centre-piece for the tables too.

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An eco friendly wedding is incomplete without organic food that’s both wholesome and healthy. Instead of opting for heavy, oil laden dishes that can be spotted at any wedding, treat your guests to a wholesome meal that has been prepared using only organic ingredients and with plenty of care. They will taste the difference and that itself will make your wedding stand apart. With regard to the serving dishes and cutlery being used, you can ask your caterer for recyclable glassware which can help cut down water consumption. We think the idea of serving dessert in mini clay matkas is quite interesting as opposed to serving the same in glass or plastic ware.

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You have plenty of gifting options in an eco friendly wedding. One of the best gifts you can give your guests is to gift them a potted plant which they can add to their collection. Besides, being inexpensive, it’s also a wonderful keepsake. Candles are another wonderful gifting option and they are also available in more eco friendly options such as soy and honeycomb. Or, if you would prefer to gift a savoury treat to your guests, jars of home-made jam and honey are also a wonderful idea to consider.

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