5 Books Every Bride Must Read Before Tying The Knot

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We know what you are thinking – Read a book and a list of 5 books at that, when you are probably neck deep into wedding planning, trousseau shopping, menu tasting, guest list making and the other thousand little things that go along whilst prepping for a wedding? You think we are kidding but kidding you we are not! These books may just provide that much needed respite, lend a helping hand with the planning and allow some insight into what lies ahead after the wedding. So here are our top 5 picks for books every bride must read before she ties the knot:

 The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman: Written by a marriage counselor with more than 30 years of experience under his belt, this book has sold several million copies. The five languages of love spoken about in the book are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Laced with humor and real-life experiences this book talks about each love language and how they can be used to enrich, improve and rekindle romance. We are not trying to scare you here by saying rekindle, when you are just about to tie the knot, but for those of you with long engagements and long distance relationships, this may provide a fresh perspective.

 Asian Bridal Look Book: The Essential Guide To Gorgeous Hair And Make-up For Your Special Day by Nilpa Bharadia: Thanks to the internet and social media, you are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding looks for your special day and the days leading up to it. But this book written in conjunction with make up artists shows a variety of looks for different Indian communities all with different models along with details of products used, to help you pick what may best for you.

A Bride’s Book of Lists: Everything you need to Plan the Perfect Wedding by Marsha Heckman: A lot of us, are all about lists! To-do lists at work to help us prioritize tasks, lists at home to remind us about bills to be paid and things to be done. This book, written by a wedding planner is to help you with those numerous lists that will be a part of wedding preparations. With pointers ranging from honeymoon destinations, to your first dance song and gifts, this book will help make things a tad bit easier.

5 books every bride to be must read before tying the knot

The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual: Essential Information, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice for the First Year of Marriage by Caroline Tiger: Troubleshooting tips you say, are those needed? Everyone is talking of the impending nuptials, not too many dole out advice for what comes after. This book with its dose of humor and illustrations, yes it does come illustrations and diagrams helps to navigate the changes that come after the wedding.

Diary Of A Mad Bride by Laura Wolf: The most fun pick out of the entire lot – because after all, between books on tackling your married life, deciding how to look and what to wear, and making lists, a girl has got to read something fun and have fun. The Mad Bride in this case is Amy Thomas who goes from being someone remotely interested in marriage to a bridezilla in the making when her boyfriend Stephen proposes to her. Narrated in a diary format, this book is bound to provide a whole lot of laughs.

So, here’s hoping these books help, guide and bring smiles as you get ready for some of the best times in your life.

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